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“Swiss Bank Dormant Account” Web Sites

  • Holocaust Claims Processing Office

    Visitors to your website may be interested to know that the NY State Banking Department has established the Holocaust Claims Processing Office. This office was authorized by Governor George Pataki to assist Holocaust survivors and their heirs seeking to claim assets held by Swiss banks and European insurance companies. There are no costs or fees involved and even the phone call is toll free in the U.S. The services are NOT limited to NY residents. Information about the office and claim forms can be obtained at the HCPO website at: www.claims.state.ny.us
  • Swiss Banks Dormant Accounts
    This web site contains a list of the dormant accounts opened by non-Swiss individuals prior to the end ofWorld War II ( May 9, 1945), and all the information needed to file a claim to one of these accounts. If,after reviewing the materials at this site, you have any questions concerning the dormant accounts, pleasecontact one of the Ernst & Young Contact Offices. This site will be updated from time to time withadditional information. Please feel free to visit again.

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  • Kurtzman, Daniel. “Data Shows Swiss Hauled Stolen Jewish Gold forNazis.”
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