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  • In Memoriam: Iwan and Jettie
    Survivor Hans Vanderwerff shares his story:
    ” Memories of the war years are for the most part unpleasant for me. I successfully managed to block out that part of the past which deals with my childhood years. I try to remember, but when I do I see mostly still pictures before me. However, the following episode I vividly remember. I was thirteen years old at the time. I lived with my family in the Netherlands. The year was 1943.”
  • A Holocaust Survivor Speaks
    Visit Ingrid Griffin’s site.

  • “Women and the Holocaust.”
  • Online Magazine for Post-Holocaust Issues.
    Alexander Kimel – Holocaust Survivor
    P.S.Our Site is recommended by the History Channel, and the Jerusalem Post Online.
  • Alfredo Vorshirm:
    This is a “not for profit” page; rather it is meant to warn people of thedanger of brutal and evil demagogues, of radicals and undemocratic ideologies and practices.

  • From Ashes To Life/Lucille Eichengreen
    This book has been an inspiration to the Cybrary and is now online. Read Lucille’sstory of survival, which is also available at our bookstore.
  • Auschwitz: A Healing Journey
    By Survivor Bernard Offen: “In my family, over 50 perished and only three survived, my two older brothers and I. For the last six years, I have spent each summer in Poland teaching what Jewish life was like in Krakow before the war, as well as relating my own experiences during the Holocaust. Through sharing my own story with hundreds of people, I hope to create “second generation witnesses.”
  • Holocaust Understanding and Prevention Site:
    Alexander Kimel: “I am a Holocaust Survivor who for fifty years tried to forget the ordeal. Now, after realizing that I do have a obligation to remember, I started to to write extensively.” See Alexander’s poem as well.
  • Survivors of the Holocaust
  • Henry Wermuth’s Book
  • Ralph Moratz Home Page
    “Although at this time, I only have a minor reference to the Shoah, I plan to expand in this area in thefuture especially when my testimony is available for viewing at the WiesenthalCenter and the other sites in the Spielberg project network.”

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