Holocaust Heroes and Rescuers: Web Sites

Fearless Females: 10 Resistance Fighters from World War I & II You Might Not heard of

Swedish Red Cross White Bus Rescue – 10 Gifts

Life in a Jar – The Irena Sendler Project

Jan Karski Book: How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust

Jan Karski – How One Man Tried to Stop the Holocaust

Includes interviews, audio, and details on Jan Karski

Sophie Scholl - the White Rose Resistance
Sophie Scholl of the White Rose Resistance

Memories of the White Rose by Dr. George J. Wittenstein.

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement, while less known to Americans, is a powerful example of youthful resistance to the Nazi Regime.


  • To Save A Life: Stories of Jewish Rescue
    at: http://ellenlandweber.com/rescuers
    The book consists of the stories of six people who rescued Jews from Nazi-occupied countries matched with the stories of people they rescued, plus many photographs and illustrations of other related material. All six rescuers have been recognized by Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.



The Janusz Korczak Association of the USA (JKA-USA), promotes the legacy of Dr. Janusz Korczak (1879-1942), a pediatrician, writer, educator, and humanitarian, who is well known all over the world for his innovative work with Polish and Jewish orphans at two orphanages in Warsaw from 1912 to 1942.


  • Raoul Wallenberg
    “Introduction.” Raoul Wallenberg





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