“The 5 Million Forgotten Victims” Web Sites

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“The 5 Million Forgotten” Victims Web Sites

  • ForgottenVictims: The Abandonment of Americans in Hitler’s Camps
    You might be interested in adding my URL regarding my book, ForgottenVictims: The Abandonment of Americans in Hitler’s Camps, which tells story ofUS civilians and POWs who ended up in concentration camps and what the USgovt did — and didn’t do — to help.

  • Holocaust: Non Jewish Victims of the Shoah
    I Would Like to Remember the Five Million(Often) Forgotten: Even though the Gentiles were nottargeted as vehemently as the Jews during theHolocaust, five million lives are often forgotten. Three million were Polish Gentiles.
  • Exhibition: On the Persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • “The Patrin – Gypsy Culture and History”
    Examines the little-knownvictimization of the Gypsies during the Holocaust.
  • Association of Gypsies/Romani International,Inc.: https://www.cybergypsy.com/AGRI.html

  • The Pink Triangle Pages
    An important site detailing the experiences of gays during the Holocaust. “The pink triangle has become one of the symbols of the modern gay rights movement, but it originated in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. In many camps, prisoners wore badges. These badges were colored based upon the reason for imprisonment. In one common system, men convicted for sexual deviance, including homosexuality wore a pink triangle. The icon has been reclaimed by many in the post-Stonewall gay rights movement as a symbol of empowerment, and, by some, a symbol of rememberance to the suffering of others during a tragic time in history. ”
  • Bibliography of on the Nazi persecution of Homosexuals
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses
    This webpage includes diagrams of concentration camps that were distributed worldwide as early as 1933 in a magazine called “The Golden Age.” This website will add information about the ones that wore the purple triangle – Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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