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Introduction to the “Fight Against Hate” Gopher On Jerusalem One

Shalom to all

Our generation looks at today’s world with a look of wonder and fear. Words and actions we believed were gone from the world, exterminated once and for all by world culture, become taboo by force of experience and logic – are alive and growing again.

The reemergence of racism, neo-nazism and neo-fascism is all around us. It wears many different costumes it calls itself in many different names, and it speaks many different languages. It sometimes even takes on the appearance of liberal thought and world peace. It breaks out sometimes among the most un-looked for areas, in progressive political parties, in governments, even in our beloved United Nations – but the codes it uses are always the same – purity, pride, strength, “unity”, sacrifice, to name just a few.

Words, as we all know, have power that rival the most terrible weapons. Today’s believers in hate will say the most astounding things and feel that they can sway “stupid” and unsophisticated people into believing their way.

The Jewish People, who went through the European Holocaust find themselves in awe at these deeds and actions, possibly more than any other people – and for that reason, Jerusalem One sees as one of it’s duties to do all it can to fight back. The hatred of the Jewish people is abound everywhere. Some say, without shame that the Jews must be destroyed. Some will say that they are “only” anti-Israel and this has become the modern anti-semitism of many “progressive” forces, as we can see almost daily, for instance, inside the United Nations.

Jerusalem One, together with the Jewish People, feel dismayed at the strength of the racist attitudes against all other peoples, against Blacks, Asians, Latin-Americans, Indians and all other peoples. The Jewish People feel that the harm done to them by haters, fascists, and Nazis of the past could be worth the sacrifice, if only to serve to bring about the end of such crimes. It is because of this that we fear that present growth of neo-fascist forces will bring all we have suffered to waste.

There are those who have written to Jerusalem One and accused our archives on the Holocaust to be giving a reason for neo-nazis to grow, as if forgetting about the Holocaust is the solution. We believe differently. We believe that unsuspecting people must realize that these people are dangerous – not only for the minorities that they hate – but to the very Human Race – that if they are allowed to take us down that long dark and evil road *again* – the Human Race may never come out of it and will seal it’s doom.

The Special directory we have allotted on the Main Menu of the Jerusalem One Gopher currently consists of three main sub-directories:

The Holocaust Archives

These archives consist of years of activity on the Usenet list alt.revisionism managed by Ken Mcvay. Ken, a non-Jew from Canada was the first user on Internet to be astounded by the cynical use of Internet by Neo-Fascists and those who would have us believe that the German Nazis and it’s allies never killed “that many Jews and minorities” – and to have done something about it.

Although Ken is “just” a normal person with humble means, he, and other users who have joined his efforts have brought to public access thousands of factual documents and files showing the shallow arguments of Neo-Fascists to be what they are – blatant LIES. It should be noted that the work of Ken and others stand, almost by themselves, to stem the exploitation of the openness of Internet of evil forces without any help from those organizations who should be doing the job.

Jerusalem One has taken these files and endeavored to bring them to public access in a concise, systematic manner. These files are available to all those who wish to read and learn and/or to use in this struggle.

The Holocaust: A Guide for Pennsylvania Teachers

This guide, written in 1990 at the University of Pennsylvania aims to bring to educators basic texts on the Holocaust and related subjects along with ideas on how to bring them to the understanding of their students. All educators should look into this guide, as should anyone who is interested in getting a basic knowledge in Holocaust studies.

Modern Neo-Fascism

These archives deal with the reemergence of Neo-Fascist and Nazi groups around the world. They are their as testament to all what these groups really are and say, so as not to be taken in under the propaganda they use in order to entice new members. Many of these files are straight print-outs from newspapers and statements from the groups themselves. Also included are studies done by experts in this field.

How Can I Help?

If you or your organization is interested in supplying information which you believe can help us help bring an end to Fascism and hate – please contact the email address below:

Zvi Lando Email:

Jerusalem One Network


Fax: 9722 964588

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