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We are NO LONGER searching for cousins of a sole survivor of his family from Lodz - members of the Levkowitz (however spelled) family:

The children of Efraim Levkowicz and Sara Rachel Levkowicz nee Yallas(?) (who died before Passover in 1938) were born about 2 years apart:

The three siblings arrived in England approx. 1916 from Lodz, Poland

Daughter 1= Minka (Millie) Levkowicz (or Lefkowicz) (born - say 1897)
Married name: Millie Lappell (probably married in England)
Children: not known
Address: Northwest London prior to start of WWII
kept writing until start of the World War II.
Married name may have been Lappell (phonetically could be Loppell or Luppell).
Her husband died about 5 years after they were married
no knowledge of a possible 2nd marriage

Daughter 2 = Chana Levkowicz born in the late 1890's remained in Poland (born say 1899)
married Bursztynowicz
Son Frank Burstin (Efraim Bursztynowicz.)

Daughter 3 = Rose Levkowicz (or Lefkowicz) (born say 1901
Married name: unknown (probably married in England)
Spouse: Captain of a ship liner between London and Rio De Janeiro
Children: unknown

married and had two children
Salman born about 1925
Hela. Born about 1925
remarried (after his first wife died) and had three children:
Bronia born after 1925
Gitel born after 1925
David born after 1925 possibly died as a child (death records of the Lodz ghetto)
Presumably, they would all have died in Chelmno

Son 2 = Jacob Levkowicz (or Lefkowicz) married in England
Left Poland about 1918 to avoid the draft - managed or owned a men's clothing shop
Efraim Lefkowicz
daugher Lefkowicz (no first name known)

Jacob, Rose and Minka were all married in London as they left Poland single in their 20's. They went from Poland to Germany and emigrated to England. They lived in the "Jewish" section of London.

Have you any knowledge of any of the individuals we describe here?

Have you any suggestion where else we might seek information about any of these people? We would be most grateful for your help.

Also, we wonder whether you can help us trace Professor Lewkowicz - or any of his family - who, we believe, was working at London Zoo about 40 years ago?

If you can help, please e-mail us at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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