This chapter begins with the liberation of the camps and recounts the aftereffects of the Holocaust. Chilling photographs of what the Allies discovered bear witness to the near destruction of a people. This section includes film footage of the Eichmann trial and the Nuremberg Trials along with coverage of the eventual fate of key Nazi leaders. More importantly, the chapter looks at the rebuilding of Jewish life and the role of Israel. Finally, it examines the responses to the Holocaust: religious, philosophical, human. The narrated video-montage which summarizes this section is an emotionally stirring confirmation of the need to remember.

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This is a screenshot of the film footage of the Eichmann trial with its accompanying caption. Films may be paused, rewound and, on appropriate machines, played full screen.

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This is one of the 500 documentary photographs accompanied by captions which provide the necessary context and related information.

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This portrait and caption for Franklin D. Roosevelt is among the 65 detailed biographies to be found in the special ‘Biography’ section.