Adolf Hitler’s Germany

Adolf Hitler’s Germany began as a political movement and bloomed as Fascism.

This chapter begins with the Nazis´ rise to power and the establishment of the Third Reich. An animated graph of electoral results allows you to visually follow the developments of the German political parties, and an interactive map provides geographical focus to the establishment of the first camps. Film footage of Hitler´s dramatic oratory demonstrates the hypnotic effect he had on the people. The chapter concludes with Hitler´s creation of a racial state and how this was achieved. Documentary photographs bear witness to the events. Also included in this section is a biography of Hitler´s life and of the evolution of his political and racial thinking. Each main chapter provides a moving and thoughtful summary of the topic in the form of a narrated video-montage.

Adolf Hitler's GermanyThis screenshot of a page of actual text shows the hypertext link to a glossary of important terms which can also be accessed independently of the text and the media browser for film, speeches and photographs.


Adolf Hitler's Germany

This is one of the 500 documentary photographs accompanied by captions which provide the necessary context and related information.


Adolf Hitler's Germany

This interactive map of the first camps and ghettos includes a slider for selecting dates and captions providing information on each camp and ghetto.