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The streets of Budapest became increasingly dangerous for Jews.Compared to its neighbouring countries in Europe,
Hungary was a relatively safe place for Jews up
until March of 1944. Jews fleeing genocide in
Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia sought refuge
within Hungary’s borders. Horthy had managed to
maintain Hungary’s autonomy to some degree, and
had resisted German demands to deport Hungarian
Jews to concentration camps. But after the Germans
invaded Hungary in March of 1944, the situation
deteriorated drastically.

A. German OccupationB. The Oppression Intensifies
   (1) Peace?   (1) Harsh New Measures
   (2) German Occupation   (2) The Yellow Stars
   (3) Alone   (3) Breaking the Rules
   (4) Bombs Falling!   (4) Deportation
   (5) Fireworks   (5) Railway Transports
      (6) Our Home is Confiscated
    (7) Yellow Star House
    (8) David’s Escape
    (9) Bela Salamon
    (10) David’s Close Call
C. Street SmartsD. Brush with Death
   (1) False I.D.   (1) Caught
   (2) The Budapest Ghetto   (2) Brush with Death
   (3) Refugee Status   (3) Zionist Rescue Group
   (4) My New Identity   (4) Survivors
   (5) Reign of Terror   (5) Death March
   (6) A Young Nazi is Born…   (6) Father Saved by Wallenberg
   (7) Finding Food and Shelter   (7) Woman of Valor
   (8) Nazi “Party Houses” 
   (9) Graves of the Danube 
E. The Sawdust Pit 
   (1) My Last Hiding Place 
   (2) Tales from the Hiding Place 
   (3) Food Fantasies 
   (4) Mother Near Death