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Miklós Horthy was regent of Hungary from 1920 to 1944.In May 1938 and May 1939, Admiral
Horthy’s government enacted anti-semitic
laws which limited Jewish representation
in a variety of professions. But despite the
anti-semitism of the government, the
right-wing movements and the Christian
churches, most Hungarian Jews continued
to live in safety and the fascists were held
at bay for a few more years.

Meanwhile, Hitler aggressively pursued
military expansion towards the east,
aiming to establish the predominance of
the “aryan” race in Europe. After Germany’s
complete takeover of Czechoslovakia and
invasion of Poland in 1939, Great Britain and France declared war on Germany.

  (1) The War Begins   (3) Visit to the Village
  (2) Boy Scouts   (4) German Aggression Continues