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I Think is dedicated tothe incredible feedback the Cybrary receives each month. More extensive listingsare available in The Empty Mirror, but these will give an idea of the diversityand passion of our visitors. Thanks!

Chuck Ferree:

As a WW-II Vet, also a “Witness-Liberator”, I would like to see more survivors and others interested in the deniers of the Holocaust, and attempts to revise what actually happened during the War. There is a news group called alt. revisionism, which deniers and believers argue various Holocaust points. It’s not for the light-hearted, because many unbelievable thoughts and beliefs are expressed. Lies abound, but some very dedicated people defend historical facts, and win 100% of the arguments. But it takes work, dedication and guts.Hope to see more participation.


I am currently taking a class on the Holocaust at my college. My interest was sparked initially in a high school history class. I thought that everyone knew about the Holocaust, but to my chagrin this was not the case at all. In a discussion with fellow classmates and friends several stated that they had no prior knowledge of the Holocaust, or they simply denied that the whole thing ever happened. Those who denied it stated that the whole thing was made up in the minds of the European Jews. The fact that anyone could ignore all of the evidence was incredibly ridiculous.Every age or century has had at least one thing that historians refer to centuries down the line and I feel that the Holocaust gives the most important insight into the 20th century. I only hope that future societies will look back at the Holocaust and learn from this tragedy instead of repeating it. NEVER AGAIN!!!!


I wish that I had answers for you, but I have only reactions. I can’t visitthis site without tears. I first came across it in February; I was doing apaper in Gradate school (Grad. Student in Counseling…an “older” student). Ihave heard about the Holocaust all of my life and have seen movies anddocumentaries, and although I am not Jewish, as far as I know (I wasadopted), it has always affected me. Three of us worked on aproject…myself, a Child of Survivors and a Grandchild of Survivors (by theway…she just had a baby girl in May..a child that might not have been bornif her Grandparents hadn’t gotten out of Germany). I wasn’t sure where mypart of the paper would go…but I found such good information here, and onsome other sites, that my paper became a history of the Holocaust and a studyof why some non-Jews helped the Jews, and why others didn’t….why they juststood by when these horrors were happening. Eva Fogelman’s work, and thework Samuel and Pearl Oliner’s, as well as stories here at the Cybrary werevery informative. Now I know , on an intellectual level, why some peopledidn’t help…but on a gut level I can’t understand it! I don’t think that Iever will.. But for what it’s worth, I wanted to tell you that I have “TheCybrary of the Holocaust” as a link on my own Web page, and I hope that itwill bring some people to you who might not otherwise have visited. Perhapsif you suggested that others do the same you would get more exposure. Ifthere is an address where I can send a small contributon, I would be honoredto do so. Thank you very much for this site.

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