Information Resources about the Holocaust

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Information Resources

  • The Nizkor Project
    This is one of the most important and ongoing Holocaust projects on the Web. Actually it is a collection of projects, with a group of volunteers headed by Ken McVay. This is an important site to visit.
  • Holocaust publications reviews and discussion group
    This site is a must visit. “H-Holocaust exists so scholars of the Holocaust can communicate with each other using this innovative and exciting new technology, and makes available diverse bibliographical, research, and teaching aids.”
  • Survivors of the Shoah Visual HistoryFoundation – non-profit organizaton founded by Steven Spielberg, dedicated to videotaping and archiving interviews of Holocaust survivors.
  • Anne Frank Center USA
  • Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies:
    “The site features excerpts from the testimonies of Holocaust survivors and witnesses, including video and audio clips. The site also describes the history, mission, and activities of the Archive, provides access to our online catalog, and has a list of edited programs available for loan to schools and community groups.”
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center at:
    From their site: “The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international center for Holocaust remembrance and the defense of human rights and the Jewish people.”
  • Human Rights USA
    The HUMAN RIGHTS USA web site is being used to Educate, Communicate,Advocate, and Commemorate for human rights. On the site one may share human rightsclassroom lessons and activities, gather resources from the extensivebibliography listing, and use the interactive web forums to communicatewith people working on human rights around the world. Many ideas andtools for advocating and protecting human rights are available,including a list of community action ideas. Visitors to the site canwrite to Congress directly using our web tools.
  • Facing History and Ourselves
  • 36 Questions about the Holocaust:
    From the Simon Wiesenthal Center and recommended by Joey Korn.