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  • Escape or Die
    True Stories of Young People Who Survived the Holocaust

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About the Author

Ina R. Friedman has explored the impact of the Nazi regime on the lives of young people in three books.


  1. Her first, Escape or Die; True Stories of Young People Who Survived the Holocaust describes the courageous and desperate steps young Jews took to escape from the Nazis.
  2. Her second book, The Other Victims: First Person Stories of Non-Jews Persecuted by the Nazis, an ALAYAD "Best Books" and an ABA "Pick of the List,", examines the Nazis’ attempt to create a master race by wiping out so called "defective traits" and the human suffering caused by the Nazis’ policies.
  3. In this third book, Flying Against the Wind: The Story of a Young Woman Who Defies the Nazis, she relates the story of a young German Christian who refuses to accept the hatred and violence of the Nazis. Though she pays a terrible price for her resistance, she remains undefeated in spirit.

Ina R. Friedman has also written two books on the theme of cultural understanding. Her Reading Rainbow picture book, How My Parents Learned to Eat, received a Christopher Award for promoting cultural understanding. Her book, Black Cop, tells the story of a young man who rose from the ghetto to become deputy chief of the Washington, D.C. police force.

Ms. Friedman holds a B.A. from Penn State University and an M.A. from Lesley College in storytelling. She lives in Brookline, MA., and lectures throughout the United States.

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