“Haunting Memory 2”

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H a u n t i n g   M e m o r y   2
Image Two

Thestructure of the second picture is formed around the swastika, the Nazicross. The large swastika is irregular, blood red with blackened, jagged edges.Partial transparency allows people and objects to be seenthrough it. A canister of poison gas with a skull andcrossbones is there, as well as a girl squatting over the neckof a Nazi. Over his image there are scratch marks. I needed todeface it. There is a “work makes you free” sign. Thissituation, cruelty and inhuman behaviour are so gross that Isought to empower the victims in my pictures. The naked girl, whois waiting to be shot, is squatting over the neck of Himmler,who is upside down and reversed. This is repeated again andagain. Each time she is on top, and whilst this picture exists,she will always be so. The girl in the top right is the girl whosemask bears witness in picture one. She will continue to look serene inmy pictures.

Haunting Memory 2 Picture