Croats rush to buy anti-Semitic book

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Croats rush to buy anti-Semitic book


A CROATIAN version of the book Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious fake published by anti-Semites in 1903, was selling briskly in Zagreb yesterday, despite protests from Simon Wiesenthal, the Austrian Nazi hunter.

Piles of the yellow paperback, which purports to show that Jews want to dominate the world, were stacked up behind the counter. “We’ve sold a lot, about 100 copies so far,” a shop assistant said.

In a letter to the Croatian ambassador in Vienna made public on Monday, Mr Wiesenthal protested that the government had allowed the “extremely anti-Semitic” book to be published and sold. He said it had been proven in several trials to be a fake.

Mr Wiesenthal said that 20,000 Jews were killed in Croatia during the Second World War and that the Jews remaining in Croatia were “defenceless” against the publication.

* Belgrade yesterday backed kindred Serbs in eastern Slavonia, the last Serb-held part of Croatia, who want to see a UN force remain there an extra year and not just six months as agreed by Zagreb. Yugoslavia’s UN envoy issued a warning of a mass exodus of Serbs if this did not happen.

Electronic Telegraph International News Saturday 9 November 1996 Issue 535