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Holocaust Remembrance WebChat
April 16, 1996
Dr. Konnilyn Feig

As with many WebChats, the typos are ours. This was, to me, the most powerful part of the chat. Chats are funny, depending on moods and how well the technology is working. But this one took off in an amazing direction…check it out.


writething (Cybrary WebMaster): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 6:57PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Hi, just a note that Dr. Feig may have some initial problems hooking up here. A little background:
Dr. Konnilyn Feig
Topic: Researching and Teaching the Holocaust
***Dr. Konnilyn Feig

After more than 20 years of extensive research, interviewing survivors, and visiting concentratrion camp sites, Dr. Konnilyn Feig published one of the best documentaries of the Holocaust, HITLER’S DEATH CAMPS (Holmes & Meir, 1979). Since her work on the concentration camps, she has served as International Co-Chair of ARWAC – Aid to Refusnik Women and Children – a successful effort to get Prisoners of Conscience out of Old USSR. She is now a specialist in Eastern Europe, especially former Yugoslavia, and Romania and has spent parts of most of the past 10 years in Russia, the Chech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. She spent much time this past summer in Romania, Croatia, Bosnia. She is currently directing a volunteer project in Romania on Breast Cancer Assistance.

Dr. Feig still teaches the only Holocaust class in the 110 California Community Colleges and will have a WEB page on that soon. She recently led two sessions on the Holocaust for the National Conference on Humanities of the Community Colleges.

Dr. Konnilyn Feig is Dean of Business and Social Sciences and Professor of History and Political Science at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Ca. Formerly, she was Senior VP of San Francisco State University amd Dean of Arts and Sciences at University of Southern Maine.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:00PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I am here! But the system is responding slowly tonight so we will have to be patience.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:00PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I would like us to begin and if you don’t mind, I would like to make a brief statement?

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:01PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr Feig – I do not know whether this is the right forum – or whther a reply could come to me by private e-mail. The UK Government is rejecting applications for asylum from Russian Jews on the grounds that there is no OFFICIAL antisemitism in Russia today, and they are free to practice their religion. Is there any legal evidence available which could be used by an applicant in a court – appealing against deportation orders based on this view of the UK Home Office?

Dixie Rose (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:04PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I must leave – but before I do, I would like to say the names again: Pini and Alta Rotstein Fink and their two young sons, Jude and David; Yeheskal Rotstein; Rosa Rotstein and her family; all from Kalwarija, Lithuania; shot by the Nazis November 1941. Menachem Amsterdamski, died at Dachau, Comando Kaufering, January 23, 1945. Chaim Rotstein, killed by the Russians in 1941 – but a victim of the Nazis. May they rest in peace and never be forgotten.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:04PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Let’s all thank Cybrary for taking the time to do this program. And thank you all for inviting me and joining us. A disclaimer: there is no way to be accurately terse and clear about such a complex and painful human subject as the Holo. with all its subleties of meaning. Thus noting I say will be “accurate. I am here to honor the strugglers who died and the strugglers who lived from Hitler’s Final and Partial Solutions. And to reflect on the continuity of human abuse and indifference. I do this tonite in a mode of some reverence and a continuing quest for the questions and answers. Let’s talk together.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:09PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
David your question is appropriate. I spent years going inot the Soviet Union to try to help get the Prisoners of Conscience out. I realized one day that if I needed to see smoke coming from chimnies and smell fresh graves to know that abuse was alive and well, then I was doomed. Hence the USSR. As you may know, I and 5 others won a US Supremem Court case on the isuue to which you speak. AS is alive and well in Russia and the Ukraine. Other “isms” are alive and well in other countries. But Congress has a set of old laws under which it would appear that only acute and horrendous and unsubtle oppression is recognized. I think we need to keep talking with our congresspersons.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:13PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Let’s discuss Hitler for a moment. Why do you think Hitler had such an impact on a civilized modern nation such as Germany?

GYNMan (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:16PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr. Feig – As a Holocaust researcher I am hoping you can advise me on finding the proper resources. I am researching the medical experiments at Auschwitz. Not the commonly known ones but more focused on the experiments that were developed by the physicians, rather than the Reich. In particular, I am seeking to prove and follow up on the relationship between Eduard Wirths (Auschwitz chief medical officer) and his brother Helmut. Any Advice?

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:18PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Hitler was the tip of the iceberg. Without the active, vigorous indifference of the people of the allied and neutral nations, the Final Solution would not have vented its full fury. Until Bosnia, I believed that if CNN had been in the countries with the concentration camps, that there would have been no Solution and no Genocide. In other words, that making the horrors visible would stop them. I now know that is not true. What, I wonder, does stop a Holocaust? What I wonder catalyzes humans to want to assist in stopping abuse and death?

Cschmidt (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:19PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Do you think that he was expressing fears/ concerns appealing to many of the German people who eventually became affiliated with the Nazi party?

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:20PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
The main reason Hitler gained so much support in the 1930s was the economic crisis of the 1920s. Many people felt aggrieved by the Weimar republic and its concessions in the Versailles settlement. They were also angry at the economic situation and the Jews were an easy scapegoat which Hitler preyed on.

Jutka (survivor): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:21PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
The conditions, political, economical, and societal, were as such that the people of Germany were fertile soil for any damagogue who offered, seemingly easy, achievable solutions. Add to this anti-semitism that was part of their culture (Luther) to begin with, and then you have a “winning combination” to seduce a nation. But of course Hitler had some forrunners. Both in Europe and Anerica. Just think of the Eugenics movement in the USA.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:21PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Gynman: I am interested in the same issue. It is bigger, I am afraid, than Nazi Germany. I just returned from Croatia and Romania where I met with the Ministers of Health of those countries to try to do something about breast cancer there. The men I met with were doctors in the Old Regimes – and I need say no more. I know these men. So – for research, I am sure you have read Lifton, etc. Give your EMail address to Joey Korn or the CyLibrary and I will try to send you a list. But please share your sources with me because I am searching in my mind.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:22PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
On Hitler, OKK – but many countries have grievances. I could name dozens. And they do not produce a Holocaust. So I still wonder.

K2A (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:24PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I’m just joinging the conversation, and I noticed the question as to why Hitler gained so much power and had so much impact on a society such as Germany. I feel that the people felt distressed. They wanted someone to help them with their problems. Hitler gave them something to blame their problems on. In affect, they no longer worried about what was wrong, but punishing the people who “caused” the problems. In such a desperate time people were not able to realize how foolishly they were acting.

ANadine (ANadine): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:24PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
“What, I wonder, does stop a Holocaust? What I wonder catalyzes humans to want to assist in stopping abuse and death?” If we could figure this out… Yet CNN exists, but we have Bosnia, we have Rwanda, we have poverty within the States that keeps minority groups from getting adequate nutrition and immunizations — what can stop it?

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:26PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I rather much observe that we as humans are not getting better and better every decade as we used to believe. Horrible abuse occurs periodically. The difference really amounts to finding ways to address the vigorous, active, indifference that we human beings seem to exhibit across the earth. If we had said, no way back in the late 30s when we had information or even in 40 or 41 or 44 when the 600,000 Hungarian Jews went to their deaths, we would have saved many many lives. I happen to believe that saving 10 lives or 100 or 600,000 ought to occupy our minds and energy.

stickleback (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:28PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Do you hold any opinion of Goldhagen’s book? Please excuse me if this has been discussed already. I just joined.

K2A (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:29PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr.Feig: The title for this particular session was concerning the teaching of the Holocaust. If I may ask, when do you feel that Holocaust education should begin, and how should students be educated about it?

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:29PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I remain truly puzzled why we act with such little energy for others. I thought 30+ years ago when Elie Wiesel and I taught the first classes on the Holocaust in American universities that if we only educated people and wrote about the holocaust that we could energize people to care. Now I know that we need to do this all the time. But I also see caring, determined young (and old) people. Perhaps it will never be a matterof “numbers” of people but the determination of those who see.

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:30PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
The Theory of Stefan Steiner:

a.We all accept Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

b. It takes many, many millions of years for change to evolve – for example the shape of the shell of the tortoise neck line on the Galapagos, to allow it to lift its head a little higher, and so to eat from plants slightly above the ground.

c. How long has Man been on this earth? 50, 000 years (say)

d. in ternms of Evolution that is absolutely nothing.

e. Ergo – how can we expect man today to be any different in his behavious to waht he was while still a cave dweller?

f. therefore – why do you expect a change in one or two generations?

GYNMan (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:31PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr. Feig – I am familiar with Lifton, his book is the source of my interest in the holocaust. I have found valuable data by exploring Lifton’s sources. My struggle is that I have exhausted these and although I can sense the information I seek, I don’t know how to get it. Example: Lifton refers to Wirths’ apologia; how can I find it?

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:32PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I don’t mean to take anything away from Goldhagen. Several of us have written and said the very same thing for years. It is nothing new. So what does the response mean? It is just like Schindler’s List. Why the response? It tells me that we need to do this and write this and say this over and over over over again. For that reason, I am very glad to have Goldhagen’s book – and to have Irving’s book stopped (even though I don’t believe in censorship).

bear123 (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:32PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr.K Justas the technology of terror and destruction has “improved” ovr the centuries we have also improved communication skills, political philosophy, and understanding which could, if we had the faith in it that we had in violence, help us to stop the madness before it becomes genocide.

Cschmidt (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:34PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Or the technology could better serve purposes not unlike what went on during the Holocaust–it was highly systematic, and technological.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:35PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I agree with you Dr. Feig; it is the indifference we have to address and change. How do we get people to care about other people? It’s a big question.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:36PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
1-Medicine. Yes, I can help. But give your EMail to Cyber Library and I will respond.

On teaching: Why so few courses on the Holocaust? It is difficult to teach. But I have taught it at least 120 times. It does not seem to be a priority. People are afraid to look at dying and death. What I try to show others is that if one can just get through the death and dying, on the other side one sees the enormous capacity for life and living of ordinary human beings. The survivors know they were ordinary. Their lives tell us something about the possibilities of humans. But we miss our own strengths when we refuse to venture out and look.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:39PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Let us think of a garden for a moment. The growth of plants and seeds all depends on the soil p

Jutka (survivor): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:39PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
How about the aspect of being imbued with a certain ideology of supriority of inferiority ofa particular group on the basis of supposed racial differences. Which leads to a belif that certain groups are beyond the pale. Are not really human beings. And if that is all one is allowed to hear one comes to believe it. How many Americans ever protested the treatment of the American Native People? And they weren’t even living under a dictatorship?

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:40PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I regret the repeated message – we keep losing contact and having to re-load.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:41PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
(Sorrry my modem went off line) Anyway, it all depends on the soil. We know that Christian Theological Antisemitism for centuries throughout Europe from Germany to Austria to Croatia to Hungary to Romania prepared the soil. Centuries of deep AS from the churches. It is clear to me, a Gentile, that without that AS, Hitler and Mussolin, and Pavelic, and Vichy, and others would not have been able to energize the people. After all, a few SS men and a few guards in all these countries could not have killed the Jews and Gypsies.

K2A (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:42PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I was very curious to learn your views on Holocaust education, beacause I am a high school student, and the school district in which I attend has implimented Holocaust studies into the Jr.High lesson plans, and many parent’s dissaggreed with the methods that were used to teach the children. When I took the class, I found it to be very informative and educational. The teacher was not hiding anything and showed the class everything that happened including footage from a camp.

Cschmidt (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:42PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
What kind of strengths, Dr. Feig, do you think we can learn from survivors?

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:43PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
That’s true. Many of Hitler’s antisemitic ideas came from his teachers and from “The protocols of the elders of Zion”. They were not his original ideas.

WD (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:44PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
On education and the Holocaust – this brings up some troubling issues with me. My father was a German soldier (a Nazi). In school, my brother’s class was just learning about the horros of the Holocaust and of the war. What they were taught was that since Germans were Nazis, all Germans are bad. As a consequence of this ‘reasoning’ another boy kicked my brother, calling him a Nazi. My brother died as a consequence. This was in California in 1969. My brother was 10 years old. The other boy was Mexican and also 10 years old.

Jutka (survivor): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:45PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I think we have to look very closely at the events that gradually led to the Holocaust. For example when I read the dispatches of the World Jewish Congress where they express deep concern how far-right-wing parties are becoming part of the mainstream political scene in Europe and elsewhere. And if they, a rather conservative body are concerned than I am afraid. This is the kind of graduality I am talking about. We have to recognize the signs early when we can still do something about it.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:46PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
High school student – good for you. The education should start in the jr and high schools – but we need to insist or at least to ask. I visited “visited” the refugee camps in Croatia in August – and talked with some of the thousands of muslim women who had been genocidally raped. It reminded me of the women from the camps who had been victims of the medical experiments. Somehow, in my mind, all this horror is beginning to run together a bit. I tell students to just go and help. I just went and helped. And so much help is needed. I use my money. No one pays me. My students just go. We have to act. I sent my students into Russian whenever the KGB turned down my visas. They did better than I did. Maybe Anne Frank was right: “The youth will save the world”

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:48PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
It seems that Dr. Feig may still be having modem problems. I’m sure she’ll return soon. Powerful discussion!

AnGuS.Y (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:48PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Anyone have Ideas For who is responsable,like all the ss or was it antone who Knew.

RUFUS1 (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:49PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr. Fieg..my motherin law was in the camps but she doesn’t talk about it.How can one draw it out so the grand kids can hear it first hand ?

WD (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:50PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
On education and the Holocaust – this brings up some troubling issues with me. My father was a German soldier (a Nazi). In school, my brother’s class was just learning about the horros of the Holocaust and of the war. What they were taught was that since Germans were Nazis, all Germans are bad. As a consequence of this ‘reasoning’ another boy kicked my brother, calling him a Nazi. My brother died as a consequence. This was in California in 1969. My brother was 10 years old. The other boy was Mexican and also 10 years old.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:51PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I would, however, like to talk for a moment about human decency. The Holocaust could not have happened in the absence of criminal indifference. Decency is not heroism, it is the minimum standard necessary to be able to live with oneself, I think. In 1939, decency, we have larned, is not normal and not easy. The failure to know is indecent. No wanting to know alwaysmeans knowing enought o know that one doesn’t want to know more. I think the Holo teaches us that we cannot afford the luxury of selective knowing. Of the 10 commandments which form the ethical foundation of the Judeo-Christian tradition, 8 are prohibitive. Only 2 tells what to do. The rest tell us what not to do. They fail as a prescription for decency. We cannot be decent, I think, only by refraingin from certain acts: by not killing, not lying, etc. So it would appear that we need a new definition.

kmcvay (Vancouver Island): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:52PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
‘Evening, everyone… sorry to be late….

WD (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:53PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
When she returns, the question I have for Dr. Feig is how has education of the Holocaust changed in the years following the 50’s (if there was any in grade schools back then, I don’t know). And my question to K2A is what have you learned about yourself in general through the lessons of the past?

Jutka (survivor): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:54PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
There are so many differen aspects to this discussion. For example the question of minority rights in any given country ot erritory. Historically speakinf it is a young phenominan. 100-120 years old at best. It took deep roots in Denamark for example but not in Germany and Hungary to mention only two, in spite of the Enlightment and Emancipation.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:54PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
WD, I also hear, especially from some survivors, that all Germans were bad. But I know better. My mother was a German. Hatred is hatred.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:55PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
So many of my friends are survivors of the camps. So many of my friends are survivors of the Gulags. And now, so many of my friends are survivors of genocidal raped and attemped annihilation in Bosnia. They have, of course, enriched my life. But they have also taught me of the potential of ordinary humans to be extraordinary and to struggle for life and living and to honor life and living. If anything, I am eternally grateful.

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:56PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Rufus – you have pointed out a real dilema. The question is – whose needs are greater? Those of the children whom you want to hear the story – or the grandmother who suppresses the pain. You must be aware that even today, 50 years on, many of the survivers break down and suffer mental collapses as a result of the memories overwhelming them. Without knowing the individual I would not presume to attempt to give you an answer.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:59PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Many of my students are German. I also know 2 of the children of rather important Nazis. As Elie Wiesel has said sowell, “Only the people who did it or who did not stop it are guilty.” No children are guilty. No Germans today. No Hungarians, etc. We must not carry that blame over. I think what happened to our young German friend’s brother is appalling. And so unnecessary and so stupid. We have enough trouble judging and getting justice for those responsible – and then to blame children. My G-d.

GYNMan (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 7:59PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr. Feig – Thanks for the opportunity to speak with you. My thanks to the Cybrary for a successful event. I’ll leave my address with Joey Korn as you suggested. Signing off…

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:01PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr Feig, I think that you must add to the equation that the German children are blaming themselves – it is not all coming from us.

I’m so sorry for my messages to be doubled and tripled, I do not know why this is happening. My apologies.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:02PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I will stay for a few moments after if they let us. But first I want to thank you all for inviting me. and then I want to say what I have been thinking about. I thik wemust not allow a sense of the ordinary to develop about human misery and destruction, normust we permit any dignity to our new knowledge that anything and everything is possible. We must as Emily Dickinson said, hold deep within ourselves a sense of scandal so overwhelming that it affects every significant aspect of our lives. We must keep our soul terribly surprised. Thank you all.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:02PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I’ll look forward to hearing from you GYNMan.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:04PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
WD, if you go into where Netscape shows the location of the site, you’ll see your message. You’ll have to scroll way over to the right. Sometimes it stays there and repeats every time you refresh. Just delete it.

RUFUS1 (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:04PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
David Lewin..I would like to try to talk her into giving testimony at the Montreal Holo Museum.I think it’s important for the next generation to know what happened as first hand as possible.

kmcvay (Vancouver Island): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:05PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I recently heard Dr. Racelle Weiman speak on the topic of “Holocaust Un-Education.” It was a fascinating experience. She noted that when we decide to teach the Holocaust, we slap it into “history.” History = something finished. Alas, the Holocaust is NOT finished; witness the story about WD’s brother. It is real, and it is a current event – witness the Survivors’ pain. We need to rethink our priorities here, and view the event quite differently if it is to serve any purpose.

David Lewin (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:05PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
It is 4 am in London. I did not think we would stay the course. It is time for Shacharit – and I would like to thank the organisers for a first class effort – and success! Thank you everyone – it was fascinating and enlightening.

Jutka (survivor): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:06PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Thanks for all involved for this opportunity. Shoah commemoration on the Internet. It must be the first and I am glad I could participate with all of you. Judy Cohen

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:06PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr. Feig, certainly it is OK to stay on. We are honored.

K2A (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:07PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
WD: In answer to your question, I have known since I was very young that I wanted to go into politics. Studying the past, including the Holocaust has helped me to realize what I need to do to make sure that my generation does not let history repeat itself, as other generations have. For example, I go to school with a Croatian boy. He was sent to the U.S. to get him away from the war so that he may have a chance at a better future. To hear him talk of his homeland, it saddend me. As people learned of the Holocaust, everyoone said “never again.” Looking at the current situation in the former Yougoslavia, isn’t this just another form of racial purification? I feel that it is the duty of my generation to make sure that this does not continue. We, as a world society, need to realize thatit is up to the youth to stop these crimes against humanity. That is what I’ve learned from Holocaust study. And, if it is any sign of the affect these classes have had on me, it has been two years since I had a Holocaust class and I still suffer nightmares from films I saw of the death camps.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:07PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
I believe I see Ken McVay. And I owe him a thanks. He contacted me to help. And I was so busy in Bosnia and with the Neo Nazis and with Yugoslavia that I said no. I didn’t want anymore swastikas painted on my car or slit-open rats on my front seat of my car, or etec. But I thought about it and here I am. If that is you Ken, thank you, I think.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:08PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
David, Thank you for joining us. I didn’t think you would make it this long. Farewell Judy. Thanks for joining us.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:11PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
We all owe a debt to Joey Korn and his colleagues. This “conference” was much work and if I knew how to stand up and clap on Net for him, I would do so.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:14PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Let me close with education. My Holocaust students last quarter agreed to do a Web page on the class and the Holocaust. We are almost finished with it and I am very proud of them. Look it up in about 3 weeks at Foothill College. Just type it in a search machine. Then go to Divisions and then to Business and Social Sciences. We (they) will welcome your visit. They are outstanding honors students and have some very important messages

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:15PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Thank you Dr. Feig for helping us to make this an excellent first attempt at a Yom Hashoah Chat Conference. We made history, I think. You helped us end our conference powerfully. We all could have stayed. Some left early. Thanks to you, Mike Declan Dunn, and to WebChat. May we always remember.

writething (Cybrary WebMaster): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:15PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Dr. Feig, could you let us know the address and we will link from the Cybrary? I want to thank all for sharing and will put up this chat in the next week. I’ve had to stay behind the scenes to capture it all…amazing…thanks…peace.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:16PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
We will be glad to put a link to your student’s pages in the Cybrary. Thanks for everything you’ve done and still do in your work.

Dr.K.Feig (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:17PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Goodnight. We will talk later. Thanks.,

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:17PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
We will be glad to put a link to your student’s pages in the Cybrary. Thanks for everything you’ve done and still do in your work.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:18PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Good night all.

Joey Korn (A Cybrary Moderator): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:19PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Good night all.

DR. TEJ (): . . . . Tue, Apr 16, 8:35PM PDT (-0700 GMT)
Sorry I missed the chat. Goodnight all.

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