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Holocaust Remembrance International WebChat

“We must, as EmilyDickinson said, hold deep within ourselves a sense of scandal so overwhelmingthat it affects every significant aspect of our lives. We must keep our soulterribly surprised…

“I do this tonite in amode of some reverence and a continuing quest for the questions and answers. Let’s talk together.” Dr. Konnilyn Feig

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April 16, 1996from 6-11 PM EST/3-8 PST/10 PM-3 AM GMT


Dear Friends,

On April 16, 1996 from 6-11 PM EST (3-8 PM PST, 10 PM-3 AM GMT) the Cybrary ofthe Holocaust and Project ABE hosted the first Holocaust RemembranceInternational WebChat online. We are grateful to WebChat Broadcasting System(WBS) for providing the space. Below is our Yom Hashoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day Chat Conference schedulefor April 16.


1. To improve performance, this chat will be unmoderated unless we are forcedto moderate. So let’s make it easy on each of the speakers by respecting theiropinions, by not dominating the conversation and allowing others to join in, andperhaps reserving extensive questions to be answered by other means after theWebChat. This is a commemoration, not a free for all.

2. You should use WebChat’s system to your advantage. In our initial tests,we found that setting the refresh rate to 20 -50 is best; that refreshes yourscreen to show new questions. Also, if you are writing hit the Pause buttonfirst; when the screen refreshes, it may erase what you are typing unless you dothis.

3. Please be patient with the system. We have been donated the space andappreciate it. Like many things on the Web, such chat efforts are in theirinfancy. We appreciate your patience and understanding if the technology isslow. But by maintaining a free discussion, if we all respect the rights ofothers to speak and be heard, we can have an interesting dialogue.

4. Let’s remember who this is for, the memory of those lost in the Holocaust.And those who do not want it to happen again. Peace…

Remember, this is a new technology and some browsers may not work. But giveit a shot and visit.

Here’s our schedule for theHolocaust Remembrance Day Chat:

6:00 PM EST, 3:00 PM PST
John Loftus
Topic: Finding and ProsecutingNazi War Criminals

John Loftus

During the Carter and Reaganadministrations, Attorney John Loftus was a prosecutor with the JusticeDepartment’s Nazi War Crimes Unit. There he discovered Top Secret documentsrevealing that the Nazis he had been assigned to prosecute were working for NATOintelligence. He resigned from the Justice Department and exposed the shockingNazi scandal on an Emmy Award winning segment of “60 Minutes.” In 1982, hereceived CIA clearance to publish his first book, THE BELARUS SECRET.

During the last ten years, John Loftus has been an international advisor onNazi prosecution, authored several books and articles, and received numeroushumanitarian awards. In 1992, he co-authored UNHOLY TRINITY, a history of how theVatican helped Nazi smuggling networks to penetrate western intelligence. Thisinternational bestseller indicts a score of American politicians who worked withthe Vatican.

Born in Boston, from an Irish Catholic family, Attorney Loftus now lives withhis wife and daughter in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he is working on a filmversion of UNHOLY TRINITY. His newest book SPYING ON ZION: THE SECRET WAR AGAINSTTHE JEWS, exposes the still classified archives of the Holocaust, how AmericanJews have been systematically wiretapped since 1944, and how Israel was set upfor the Iran-Contra affair by President George Bush.

His non-profit foundation, The Loftus Fund, educates Americans about thedangers of communism, fascism, and indifference.

8:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM PST
Gary Mokotoff
Topic: Howto Document Victims
and Locate Survivors of the Holocaust

Gary Mokotoff

Gary Mokotoff is author of “How to Document Victims and Locate Survivors ofthe Holocaust” (Teaneck: New Jersey, Avotaynu, 1995), the only book designed tohelp people locate information about relatives and friends who were caught up inthe Holocaust. He is the past president of the Association of Jewish GenealogicalSocieties and publisher of Avotaynu, the International Review of JewishGenealogy. Mokotoff commented that “even today, 50 years after the Holocaust,people are still trying to determine the fate of loved ones. Few realize thatthere is a wealth of information available; you just have to know where to findit.” Most children of Holocaust survivors believe it is impossible to ever learnabout the family members lost in the Holocaust. Gary has proved how possible itreally is. He has documented over 200 of his own family members that weremurdered in the Holocaust.

10:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM PST
Dr. Konnilyn Feig
Topic: Researching and Teaching the Holocaust

Dr. Konnilyn Feig

After more than 20 years of extensive research, interviewing survivors, andvisiting concentratrion camp sites, Dr. Konnilyn Feig published one of the bestdocumentaries of the Holocaust, HITLER’S DEATH CAMPS (Holmes & Meir, 1979). Sinceher work on the concentration camps, she has served as International Co-Chair ofARWAC – Aid to Refusnik Women and Children – a successful effort to get Prisonersof Conscience out of Old USSR. She is now a specialist in Eastern Europe,especially former Yugoslavia, and Romania and has spent parts of most of the past10 years in Russia, the Chech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, etc. Shespent much time this past summer in Romania, Croatia, Bosnia. She is currentlydirecting a volunteer project in Romania on Breast Cancer Assistance.

Dr. Feig still teaches the only Holocaust class in the 110 CaliforniaCommunity Colleges and will have a WEB page on that soon. She recently led twosessions on the Holocaust for the National Conference on Humanities of theCommunity Colleges.

Dr. Konnilyn Feig is Dean of Business and Social Sciences and Professor ofHistory and Political Science at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Ca. Formerly,she was Senior VP of San Francisco State University amd Dean of Arts and Sciencesat University of Southern Maine.

See you next Tuesday.


Michael Declan Dunn and Joey Korn

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