A Nazi Memorial Opened and Honored in the Ukraine: NEW GENERATION OF EXECUTIONERS

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A Nazi Memorial Opened and Honored in the Ukraine


Chernovtsy, Ukraine

from “Novoye Russkoye Slovo”, Friday, December 27 1996, page 15

translated by David Tsal

From: Robert and David Tsal, netsal@mail.apc.net

        A memorial to “Bukovina batallion” has been opened in Chernovtsywith the support of Gnatyshyn – the head of regional administration. Duringthe [Second World] War Bukovina batallion was lead by Gestapo agent PyotrVoinovsky. Thus the “national democrats” of Chernovtsy are trying towhitewash the leaders of Bandera movement, who had cooperated closely withthe Nazis.

        “If things keep going like this”, say the people in Bukovina, “wewill soon see memorials to Hitler, Mussolini and Antonescu…”

         Consecration of the graves of “heroes of national liberationbattles”, opening of memorials to Stepan Bandera, to soldiers of SS divisionGalichina, destruction of everything that can remind of Soviet liberationarmy is proceeding at full speed in Western Ukraine. The nationalists whohave come to power are doing everything to destroy the street names ofcommanders Zhukov, Konev, Vatutin, Chernyakhovsky, who turn out to becommanders of “occupiers of Ukraine”.

        This is reality. For five years ultra-radical nationalistorganizations are conducting a well-organized [propaganda] campaign againstnot only the left, but all Russians and Jews. B. Borovich, a mayor ofIvano-Frankovsk, recently told the schoolchildren of the city “to follow thetrue path of Stepan Bandera”!

         But let us return to the recent “celebration” of opening thememorial in Chernovtsy. Archival documents uncover the bloody exploits ofBukovina batallion. Its leaders Voinovsky, Zibachinsky, Shumko, Kvitkovskygladly served under German and Romanian Nazis, carried out their hatefulideology. For example, Peter Voinovsky recruited fighting brigades, met withemissaries of Bandera at a residence of Jesuit priest Skorobogaty. Bukovinabatallion had committed hundreds and hundreds of crimes. Here are just someexamples from distant 1941…

        On the edge of village Vizhnitsy, Jewish student Nathan Engel wastortured [to death] by Ivan and Les Klim – members of OUN (“UkrainianSelf-Defense Organization”). Nationalist Georgy Palamarenyuk undressedMitrofan Lazornyak from village Bagni, tied him to a tree with barbed wireand ripped open his stomach. In village Vizhenki, a group of fighters cutMaria Klim into pieces with a saw. Pregnant Nastasia Kibich from villageRivny had her stomach ripped open, fetus taken out, cut into pieces andthrown into Cheremosh river.

        Murderers P. Voinovsky, Yu. Shveik, Ya. Ostashek, M. Prits, S.Petrik shot over 100 people in various villages in 1944 in only two days.They were blessed for this action by Galician Uniate priest Boychuk. Heappeared in Bukovina in July of the same year and was hiding weapons in hischurch. They dealt with their neighbours like [butchers] in aslaughter-house, and after bloody business was over, they would go to thepriest for absolution.

        First crimes committed by the Bukovina batallion were documented inJuly 1941 in Chernovtsy, where Voinovsky had arrived with his cutthroatstogether with the Nazis. As D. Kvitkovsky, one of the leaders of OUN, wrotelater in his memoirs, they hoped to receive unlimited rights from Antonescuregime. But after a short time occupational powers ordered them to “standstill” and dissolved the Bukovina batallion. Some of the fighters were sentto Sadgorsk concentration camp, where they performed the role ofprovocateurs. Voinovsky and his fighters moved to Ivano-Frankovsk region,where he met with Mikhail Omalyanovich-Pavlenko, leader of a punitive policeregiment. Together they moved to Eastern Ukraine in order to help the Nazisin establishing German occupational order.

        At the end of summer of 1941 Voinovsky and Omelyanovich-Pavlenkoturned up in Podolye region, where they conducted “special actions” inNovaya Ushitsa, Dunayevtsy, Zhmerinka, Kamenets-Podolsky, Proskurov andlater Vinnitsa. As was told by witnesses, Voinovsky and his “specialists”organized anti-Jewish pogroms on the streets of Vinnitsa. Then Voinovskyleft bloody trails in Zhitomir and Kiev. It was in the Ukrainian capitalthat his executioner’s “talent” went into full bloom! He took active part inmass shootings in Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, in Lukyanovka cemetery, in Babi Yar.

         After he retreated together with the Nazis, Voinovsky turned up inFrance, where he specialized in fighting the [French] partisans. There hebecame Mr. Hartman…

        Details became known later, when an investigation into the crimes ofNazi collaborators in Chernovtsy was conducted, and also after nationalistsKulisher, Zagorodny and others were arrested. They uncovered frighteningactivity of Voinovsky – agent of German intelligence, active member of OUN.According to Voinovsky himself, all these crimes were committed in the nameof “self-determinant and independent Ukraine”. His batallion has killedthousands of innocent people, including around 500 children 4-8 years old.

        Decades have passed. Pyotr Voinovsky, now settled in New York, camefor a visit to… Bukovina! members of extreme-right organizations and localleaders (!) met him as a national hero, invited him to the opening of theBukovina batallion memorial. He and other cutthroats in old uniforms withswastikas marched through the streets of Chernovtsy and Kiev. He wasapplauded by the followers of Bandera’s gang – members of “Ukrainian PopularSelf-Defense”. They are the people who believe themselves to be members ofthe “higher race” and hate all “foreigners” [non-Ukrainians]. This is thestatement they posted in Ivano-Frankovsk:

      “Kikes! Get out of our city! Weare giving you the last chance to leave our Ukraine. Get out if you do notwant to die under a fence! The hour is close when we will make you pay foreverything you had done. Death to Kikes! Glory to Ukraine!”

        It looks like the old executioners now have proper students andfollowers.

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