Holocaust Museums and Memorials: Web Sites

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    Recently revised, offering ability to search what is available at the museum. Be sure to check here first if you are going to visit.
    In Israel, the museum also offers a chance to submit searches through their Hall of Names project, where people can possibly find out what happened to members of their family. Contact them for more information.
    Massuah is a non-profit public organization dedicated to bringing about a greater understanding of the human dilemmas encountered during the Holocaust. It provides a unique blend of education and commemoration, including seminars for University and High School Students; teacher training programs; and the publication of educational programs. Massuah also has an International Pedagogic Center for the Teaching of the Holocaust, a museum, and has been running The Helen and Mendel Green Project for the Documentation of Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies on Videotape in conjunction with Yad Va’Shem.