Interactive Map Part 7. Berlin

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Interactive Map Part 7. Berlin

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Read Chapter 10 of “The Last Sunrise” by Harold Gordon

Artist's Drawing

7. Berlin

At the end of one year at Auschwitz-Birkenau Dad and I, along withothers, were again put on a train and shipped out. We had no idea wherewewere going. On the third day our train approached the Berlin RailroadStation . The locomotive manuevered in both forward and backwardsdirections. When it came to a halt we were parked at a far off siding. Thelocomotive was unhooked and we were left there locked up in box carsunattended.

Through the cracks in the walls we saw troop movement. There weretrains loaded with German soldiers being rushed to the Russian front. We sawtrains with wounded German Soldiers being returned from the Russianfront. Many without arms or legs.

That night the Allies bombed the Berlin Railroad Station . All thetrains wereon fire. We could feel the heat radiating through the wooden boards ofour boxcar and knew that soon we would be on fire. Luckily for us, our trainwas so faroff the main track that it was never hit or ignited. Days later wearrived atSachsenhausen .