Interactive Map Part 5. Transfer from Buchenwald

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Interactive Map Part 5. Transfer from Buchenwald

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5. Transfer from Buchenwald

Luckily Dad and I were transferred from Buchenwald . They neededtailors in Blizine . My Grandfather was a tailor so Dad and Ivolunteered justto get out of there. Our trouble wasn’t over yet. After only a fewmonth inBlizine Dad and I were again ordered to board a box car train,destinationunknown. Rumors were that we were going to Germany to work infactories.

Once more we were forced into a box-car, one hundred in each, packedlike sardines without food, water or sanitation. The doors were sealed,a coalburning locomotive hooked and the train began to roll. We were weak tostartwith so by the third day half of us were sick and many have already diedfromheat exhaustion, disease, and malnutrition. We no longer cared where wewerebeing taken to. We just wanted to get there.

On the fifth day the train came to a halt. The locomotive beganpushingthe train to a side track. We looked through the cracks between theboardsand saw a sign ” Arbeit Macht Frei” , (Work Makes You Free). Little didwe knowthat we were entering the Gates of Hell, Auschwitz .