Completed Search : family of Harry GAERTNER - born Prague, Czechoslovakia, emigrated to Germany

You guided us to Harry GAERTNER - or to anyone else we might ask about him?

Here is what we knew:

Harry GAERTNER was born on 18 Nov 1930 in Vimperk, Prachatice Region, Czechoslovakia.
He is a son of Jan GAERTNER and Marianna GAERTNEROVA, nee ZDEKAUEROVA.

They lived at - or owned - Apelova 4 Prague 6, Prague, CZ.
Previously this house was owned by Harry's grandparents
Emil and Karolina ZDEKAUER who died in the Terezin (Theresienstadt) Concentration Camp.

According to 1950 information, Marianne GAERTNEROVA, nee ZDEKAUEROVA, emigrated to Western Germany. The exact date is not known.

Her son, Harry GAERTNER lived in the Czech Republic until 1965 and then left, possibly to join his mother, perhaps to Ludwigshafen in Germany

Does any of this ring a bell at all?

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