Florence Mayer Lieblich

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Part 1:The Quiet Before the Storm
Pre-War Years: 1923-1939

Part 2: The Storm
The War Years: 1939-1945

Part 3: The Silver Lining
Liberation and Post War Years


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Someone is Watching Over Me
A Memoir by Florence Mayer Lieblich

January, 1995

In memory of my devoted parents:

My heart is full of pain. I now take the opportunity to mention the names of my sainted parents who fell by the hands of the blood-thirsty Nazi murderers: my father, Rabbi Meir Leib Mayer Ben Moshe, my mother, Gitel Riva Mayer Bas Mordechai. May God avenge their blood.

In memory of my dear husband’s parents, Feiga Sonnenschein Lieblich and Mendel Lieblich. May they rest in peace.

— Florence Mayer Lieblich

In memory of Dr. Philip Lieblich’s family and my family, all of whom perished in the Holocaust. May they never be forgotten!

Rabbi Leib Mayer
Gitel Mayer
Rabbi Hershel Mayer
Rabbi Nuchim Mayer
Nathan Hitzinger
Riva Hitzinger
Zonia Hitzinger
Munik Hitzinger
Abraham Hitzinger
Leo Hitzinger
Jacob Hitzinger
Chana Hitzinger
Sarah Kolisher
Pearl Kehn
Shlomo Kehn
Samuel Kehn
Jetka Kehn
Pearl Shapiro
Moishe Shapiro
Munik Shapiro
Mark Shapiro
Mendel Lieblich
Feiga Lieblich
Efraim Lieblich


To my darling, devoted daughter, Gloria Lieblich Kaplan:
This book, with all the happy memories and hell that your parents had to overcome, is written especially for you, my sweetheart. I am very happy and thankful to you for helping me and giving me the opportunity to write my memoirs. It pains me very much that your devoted father could not share all the memories with me. I miss your father very much, but pain and adjustment have been my specialty since my teenage years. I am very sorry that you missed the love of your wonderful grandparents. I love you very much and always will.

Your mother,