Florence Mayer Lieblich

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Someone is Watching Over Me

A Memoir by Florence Mayer Lieblich

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Dr. Philip Lieblich’s maternal grandfather

Dr. Philip Lieblich’s parents –
Feiga Lieblich and Mendel Lieblich

Dr. Philip Lieblich’s grandparents – paternal side
Frieda Lieblich and David Lieblich

Dr. Philip Lieblich with his mother Feiga Lieblich, father Mendel Lieblich, and brother Efraim Lieblich

Rynek Street Bazaar – where the Jews were congregated for the first Aktion on August 26, 1942

Dr. Philip Lieblich’s armband worn during the Holocaust

One of the houses on the street where Florence moved after the first Aktion

Florence and Philip Lieblich with other people in bunker – 1944