Florence Mayer Lieblich

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Part 1:The Quiet Before the Storm
Pre-War Years: 1923-1939

Part 2: The Storm
The War Years: 1939-1945

Part 3: The Silver Lining
Liberation and Post War Years


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Florence Mayer Lieblich Someone is Watching Over Me
A Memoir by Florence Mayer Lieblich

My name is Florence Mayer Lieblich. I was born on July 29, 1923 in Czortkow, Poland. It is now part of Ukraine. The city is still in existence today, but it is dead without the Jews. I was named after my father’s mother, Fruma Mayer. I am the only family member who survived the Holocaust.

It pains me very much that my darling devoted Gloria is deprived of the love and devotion of her grandparents. She missed a lot. Therefore, I will share and tell her all about my wonderful home, my devoted parents, and the wonderful parents of her father who loved her so very much. I will tell her about my experiences, and the horror I lived through during the Second World War and the Nazi Occupation. We, the Holocaust survivors, had only one wish: to be able to live and to be able to tell the world what had happened to us.