Completed Search : Relatives of the EISLER family from 1939 Prague.

You helped us locate any surviving family, or legal heirs, of

Rudolf EISLER (born 2 Jun 1884 in Matetice CZ, son of Alois & Julie EISLER. He died in Terezin on 25 Dec 1943.)

and his wife:

Eliska Ella EISLER nee KUSSI(ová) born 10th March 1898. She was sent to Auschwitz on transport Dz on 15 May 1944.

Rudolf and Ella had a daughter Dorrit Doris EISLER born 13 MAY 1922 in Praha VII. Doris was sent to Auschwitz on transport Dz on 15 May 1944 - the same transport as her mother.

The family had been "sent on a Transport to the Terezin (Teresienstadt) concentration camp in 1942

Maybe there are still some people who remember them? The family had a right to reclaim property in the Czech Republic which was stolen from them by the Nazi Regime in 1940. We are looking for close relatives who could claim this inheritance.

Ella EISLER had an older sister named Martha RUDIGER(ova), nee KUSSI, who was born on October 14, 1893.

Apparantly Martha remarried GUTTENSTEIN in the 1960's.

The parents of Martha and Ella were Herman KUSSI and Mathilda, nee AUGSTEIN(ova), who in 1947 lived in Dorset, England.

We have learned of another part of the family which has survived: Nieces of Ella KUSSI(ova): Eva and Marketa.

Eva was born in 1950 and under the name Eva Marie BENES(ova) who lived in Pilsen in Stalinova street 6.

We have no knowledge of the whereabouts of Marketa.

Do you recognise any of these names, or know anyone else who might have some knowledge?

Please e-mail us at searchandunite [AT] lewinsdlondon [DOT] org [DOT] uk if you can help in any way

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