The Trial of Adolf Eichmann – Participants, Then & Now

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Zabludowicz, Noah
Witness to torture and beatings for carrying false German identification papers

Photo 1961: Zabludowicz, Noah1961 Quote: 5/1/61: ZABLUDOWICZ: There was a semi-circular chair there and it had openings. They told me to lie down on my stomach on the chair, with my head going through on the other side. One of them came up, took my head between his legs, while another one stood on my legs. I was on my knees, and my legs were being held. Two of them took out whips with lead tips and started beating. I couldn’t shout because I was choking. I felt moisture all over my body. I couldn’t count the blows I received. I had already lost count. I began to work myself loose with all my strength; I made a tremendous effort, and I knocked over the two who were holding me, together with the chair, and the chair was smashed to pieces, and they fell down. Then they said “Der Hund hat uns den Stuhl kaputt gemacht” (The dog has broken the chair for us), and they seized the legs, they were round legs made of hard wood, we used to call it “redwood” oak, and they began to beat me on my head with these legs until there were no more pieces of wood left. I fell down and fainted, and then they poured over me a bucket of water that had been standing in the room. I regained consciousness somewhat. The room was full of blood. It was one o’clock. At one o’clock they looked at their watches and said: “Wir mussen Mittag essen gehen” (We have to go for lunch). There was a man there walking around, his name was Bresler, he used to wander around the streets of the town, and they told him to watch me until they returned.

ATTORNEY GENERAL GIDEON HAUSNER: Did you ask him to finish you off?

ZABLUDOWICZ: Yes… [I] begged him: “Icht bitte Ihnen, schiessen Sie mich!” (I beg you to shoot me). He answered me: “Du Hund, es ist schade fur eine Patrone. Du wirst so krepeieren muessen” (You dog, it would be a pity to waste a bullet on you – you will have to die this way), and he kicked me in the mouth with his foot and I spat out all my teeth.

Photo 1996: Zabludowicz, Noah1996 Quote: I saw Eichmann a lot in the camp of Auschwitz. He was always dressed in his long coat, with one glove on one hand holding the other glove. He was often invited to Auschwitz to the opening of pits when the crematoria did not suffice.

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