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Great Projects FilmCompany, Inc.

  Great Projects Film Company, Inc., is an independent film and video company based in New York City engaged primarily in theproduction of documentaries for national television broadcast.

  The Emmy Award winning company is named for its multi-part PBS series about the history and future of American engineering, Great Projects: The Building of America.

  Since its founding in 1988 by Daniel B. Polin and KennethMandel, Great Projects Film Company has produced television programming that explores subjects of historical, technological,and cultural significance. The company is recognized as one ofthe premiere production entities in public television. PBS has recently broadcast two recent Great Projects programs, An Essay on Matisse, which was nominated for an Academy Award, and Media Matters.

  In 1996, the company also produced He Conquered Space, a biography of Wernher von Braun, for The Discovery Channel. A third PBSprogram, The Trial of Adolf Eichmann, is scheduledfor broadcast on April 30, 1997.

  Great Projects’ George Marshall and theAmerican Century won the 1994 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Historical Program.” It was one of only two films honored by the Department of Defense for contributions to the understanding of World War Two during the recent 50th anniversary commemorations. The other was Schindler’s List.

  The Trial of Adolf Eichmann uses theoriginal footage fromthe 1961 trial of the infamous Nazi war criminal along with interviews with trial participants, many of whom are Holocaustsurvivors, to tell the story of the event which transformed howthe world viewed the final solution. It will be the PBSsignature broadcast during Holocaust Remembrance Week in 1997.

  Media Matters, an ongoing series thatscrutinizes the performance of the news media, premiered in 1995. An Essay on Matisse, a one-hour program broadcast in December, 1996, wasproduced by Great Projects and Perry Wolff, one of the nation’smost honored documentary producers. It will be followed by a one-hour program about Picasso scheduled for PBS broadcast later in 1997.

  Great Projects produced the two-part America’s Political Parties, hosted by David Gergen and Ben Wattenberg, aired as part of PBS’s coverage of the 1992 presidential election. Mr. Polin and Mr. Mandel also produced Hollywood’s Favorite Heavy: Businessmen on Prime Time TV, one of the most watched PBS documentary specials of 1987. The program examines why businessmen are so often portrayed as murderers on TV dramas and considers the effect on viewers.

  In addition to television documentaries, Great Projects produceseducational films and videotapes. Gilbane Gold: A Case Study in Engineering Ethics, sponsored by the National Society of Professional Engineers, is used by nearly every U.S. engineering school. The NSPE has also asked Great Projects to produce The Glass Ceiling, an educational video about women and their exclusion from the highest levels of engineering management.

  Other films include Dialogues onDiversity, commissioned by the American Institute for Managing Diversity, which promotes upward mobility for minority and women employees and Paul H. Nitze: Reflections of a Cold Warrior, a video memoir of the distinguished diplomat which recently debuted at Mr. Nitze’s 90th birthday celebration.

  Great Projects’ films have been honored by the American Filmand Video Association, the New York International Festival ofFilm & TV, the Columbus International Film Festival, the NationalEducational Film and Video Festival, Houston Worldfest, CINE, andseveral European festivals. Underwriters include Mobil Oil,AT&T, General Motors, LTV Corporation, the National Endowment forthe Humanities, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, theNational Science Foundation, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, theJohn M. Olin Foundation, and PBS.

Great Projects Film Company, Inc. is located at:

    584 Ninth Ave.
    NY, NY 10036
    Telephone: 212 581-1700
    FAX: 212 581-3157
    E-Mail: greatproj@aol.com.

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