Adolf Eichmann Photos

Adolf Eichmann photos from his early days as a salesman for a US oil company to his last days hiding out as Ricardo Klement in Argentina, a visual biography.

Eichmann was the mastermind behind moving the Jewish people out of their homes into the ghettoes, and then into the concentration camps. He proved to be the Nazi’s foremost Jewish specialist. His ability to organize, categorize, and supervise enabled him to bring over six million Jews to their deaths. By piling men, women, and children in cattle train cars, he sent millions to their deaths.

Eichmann’s name first surfaced during the Nuremberg Trial. In 1950 he fled to Argentina with the help of the Nazi underground. The Israeli government found him living in Buenos Aires with his wife and three sons. In the May, 1960, the Israelis kidnapped him and forcibly brought him to Israel to stand trial as a war criminal.