Viewpoint — Professor fired over anti-Holocaust material

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Professor fired over anti-Holocaust material

January 16, 1997


The following, forwarded e-mail to me should induce deep concern inyou. As you probably know, the pro-Holocaustic mentality is notyet gone from this earth.

Each blaze begins with a spark. The following recent event in Chicago is in my opinion a spark. I am informing you of this so that you candisseminate this information, and then help to effectively put a stop tothe fascistic trends at Northwestern University which the followingaccount describes.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Frederick Sweet, Ph.D.

I am writing to you as one anti-hate activist to another concerning the case of Prof. Sheldon Epstein from Northwestern University, who was just fired for putting material *against* the Holocaust in his ethics and engineering course at the university. I believe our paths crossed earlier on the net over anti-hate or anti-fascist activities.

Northwestern is home to the notorious Holocaust-Revisionist Arthur Butz, another member of the Engineering Department. Protests against Butz at NWU have been ineffective. The NWU administration supported his “academic freedom” to place Holocaust-Revisionist material on the university’s computer as long as it was not done in his Engineering classes.

So Prof. Epstein located a course outline for Engineering where ethical issues in modern science were to be taught. He developed a curriculum that examined scientific ethics and how the scientific community was involved in events during WW II.

For this, I understand, he was fired by the same university that tolerated and defended Butz’s Holocaust-Revisionism.

The full story is available at the WWW site: in the five files candor00.html through candor04.html.

I strongly urge you to read this information. I think we must not just challenge the spread of action-based hate ideology; we must also defend the right of others — like Prof. Epstein — to challenge it.

My reading of the web material is that if Prof. Epstein can be fired, so can other professors who use material opposed to hate-action around areas like anti-Asian violence, the bombing of black churches in the U.S. south, or gay bashing. [ig]

— Paul Kneisel

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