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[] THE HOLOCAUST OF VOLHYNIAN JEWS, by Shmuel Spector (1990, 383 pp.) This book contains an expanded introduction, which describes the situation of the Jews of Volhynia between the two World Wars, as well as under the Soviet rule of 1939-1941. The book traces the various stages of the Nazi conquest: the decrees, the incarceration in the ghettos, the ghettos, the murders and the extermination actions. The book also deals at length with the reaction of the Jews of Volhynia to the destruction – individual resistance, mass escapes, organization of resistance groups, revolts and the role played by the Jews of Volhynia within the partisan units. The text is elucidated through numerous tables and maps.

[] SHE’ERIT HAPLETA – 1944-1948 (1990, 550 pp.) Rehabilitation and Political Struggle Proceedings of the Sixth Yad Vashem Int. Conference (held in 1985).

[] THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE HOLOCAUST, by Yitzhak Arad (1990, 396 pp.). This extraordinary compilation of 426 photos, maps and explanatory text is one of the most unique and informative reference works on the Holocaust. The book is divided into several chronological sections: Nazism and its Origins, European Jews under Nazi Rule and Terror, The Ghettos, Deportation and Death Camps, End of the War, En Route to Israel. In cooperation with Macmillan Publishing Company.

[] DOCUMENTS ON THE HOLOCAUST, eds. Yitzhak Arad, Yisrael Gutman, Avraham Margaliot. (1990, 504 pp.) Selected sources on the Destruction of the Jews of Germany and Austria, Poland, and the Soviet Union. (Fourth printing.)

[] TO LIVE WITH HONOUR AND DIE WITH HONOUR. Selected Documents from the Warsaw Ghetto Underground Archives “O.S.” (Oneg Shabbath). (1986, 790 pp.) Edited and annoted by Joseph Kermish. The “Oneg Shabbath” Archives is a massive collection of documents, such as diaries and notes, memoirs, journalistic articles, research and literary works, as well as photographs, clandestine newspapers and such, thus fulfilling a great historic mission. The research work initiated by the Underground Archives began as early as 1941 and aimed to record the charateristic phenomena of ghetto life.

[] FROM BERGEN-BELSEN TO FREEDOM (1986, 66 pp.) The story of the exchange deal between Dutch Jews, inmates of Bergen-Belsen and German Templars living in Palestine. A symposium dedicated to the memory of Dr. Haim Pazner.

[] THE HISTORIOGRAPHY OF THE HOLOCAUST PERIOD. (1985, 783 pp.). Proceedings of the Fifth Yad Vashem Int. Conference (held in 1985.)

[] THE NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS (1984, 750 pp.) Structure and Aims – The Image of the Prisoner – The Jews in the Camps. Proceedings of the fourth Yad Vashem Int. Conference (held in 1980.)

[] A COMMEMORATIVE SYMPOSIUM (1983, 80 pp.) In honour of Dr. Emmanuel Rignelblum and his “Oneg Shabbath” underground archives.

[] GHETTO IN FLAMES: The Struggle and Destruction of the Jews in Vilna, by Yitzhak Arad. (1980, 419 pp.) The history of one of the largest ghettos: a vivid description of the fate of the Jews of Vilna, long famed for its vibrant Jewish cultural life. Vilna Jewry as a microcosm of the fate of the Jewish people in Nazi-occupied Europe.

[] PATTERNS OF JEWISH LEADERSHIP IN NAZI EUROPE, 1933-1945. (1980, 419 pp.) Proceedings of the Third Yad Vashem Int. Conference (held in 1976). An examination of Jewish leadership in various countries on the Nazi occupation and their problems, dilemmas and conflicts.

[] RESCUE ATTEMPTS DURING THE HOLOCAUST. (1977, 679 pp.) Proceedings of the Second Yad Vashem Int. Conference (held in 1974). An in-depth examination of activities of Jewish and non-Jewish organizations in Europe and abroad, responses of the Allies to the Jewish plight, underground rescue efforts, Jewish family camps in forests, negotiations with Nazi operatives, “Righteous Amongst the Nations,” and the policy of the International Red Cross.

[] HOLOCAUST AND REBIRTH – A Symposium. (1974, 215 pp.) Papers presented at a symposium marking the 25th. anniversary of the State of Israel, constituting an evaluation of the connection between the Holocaust and the rebirth of the State of Israel.

[] THE HOLOCAUST AND RESISTANCE. (1973, 44 pp.) An outline of Jewish history in Nazi-occupied Europe (1933-1945).

[] JEWISH RESISTANCE DURING THE HOLOCAUST. (1971, 562 pp.) Proceedings of the First Yad Vashem Int. Conference (held in 1968). Contents include discussion of the Jewish struggle until the beginning of the extermination process, the stand of the Jewish masses, resistance and armed struggle, revolts, partizan activities, the Jew in the Allied Armies and rescue attempts inside and outside the occupied areas.


[] THE RIGHTEOUS, by ARIEH L. Bauminger. (1990, 194 pp.) A select list of recipients of Yad Vashem’s “Righteousness Among the Nations” title. (Third printing)

[] RESISTING THE STORM, MEMOIRS, ROMANIA, 1940-1947. (1987, 450 pp.), by Alexander Safran. The memoirs of former Chief Rabbi of Romanian Jewry during the most tragic years of this community: the fascist regime of Antonescu, the destruction of the Besarabia and Bukovina Jews and the rescue of the Jews from old Romania (the “Regat”) and South Transylvania.

[] UNDER FIRE – Stories about Jews, “Heros of the Soviet Union”. (1987, 650 pp.) Biographies of those Soviet Jews whose exceptional bravery during World War II earned them the distinction of “Heros of the Soviet Union”.

[] REFUGEE AND SURVIVOR, by Zorach Warhaftig. (1987, 500 pp.) The story of the rescue of thousands of Polish Jewish refugees, amongst which were Rabbis, Yeshiva Students and pioneers (“Halutzim”) and of their rehabilitation in Displaced Persons’ Camps. Rabbi Warhftig took an active part in these rescue attempts whilst in Lithuania, Japan and China.

[] THE SOLDIER WITH THE GOLDEN BUTTONS, by Miriam Steiner-Aviezer. (1987, 134 pp.) This book presents a child’s-eye view of the Holocaust. It is the story of Jewish children wrenched from a carefree childhood to be overwhelmed by the brutal savagery of war. A few days are enough to turn them into adults forced to contend with hunger and thirst, fear and death, and with the horror of being taken away from their mothers. Only their inner world of childlike imagination, of dreasm and fairy tales, can help them confront reality while maintaining their innocence.

[] THROUGH THE WINDOW OF MY HOME, by Sarah Selver-Urbach. (1986, 170 pp.) Recollections from the Lodz Ghetto.

[] IN THE WARSAW GHETTO – 1940-1943 (1982, 334 PP.) An account of a witness. The memoirs of Stanislaw Adler.

[] THE DIARY OF EVA HYMAN, with introduction by Yehuda Marton. (1974, 124 pp.) The diary of a 13 year old girl, beginning in February 1944 and ending in May of that year, just before her deportation to Auschwitz, where she perished.

[] MY LONGEST YEAR, by Moshe Sandberg. (1968, 114 pp.) The Holocaust experiences of Moshe Sandberg (Sanbar), former governor of the Bank of Israel, who recounts his wartime experiences in the Dachau concentration camp, on the long forced march to Muhldorf – Waldlager camp, on this life as a prisoner in that camp and his eventual liberation.

[] YOUNG MOSHE’S DIARY – The Spiritual Torment of a Jewish Boy in Nazi Europe, by Moshe Flinker. Introduction by Shaul Esh and Geoffrey Wigoder. (1965, 126 pp.) The diary of a 16 year old boy, recording his doubts, fears and faith while hiding from the Nazis. Moshe Flinker perished in Auschwitz.


[] VOLUMES I-XX Yad Vashem Studies, the first of Yad Vashem’s publications, was initiated by the late Professor Ben-Zion Dinur in 1957, in order to “research thoroughly the phenomenon of the Holocaust and to elucidate to the fullest possible extent its beginning, course of development, antecedents, scope, significance and implication.” Twenty volumes have been published to date, containing a wide range of papers, documents and book reviews dealing with various aspects of the Holocaust written by outstanding scholars from Israel and abroad.

[] VOLUMES I-IV, Ed. Shaul Esh. Out of Print
[] VOLUME V, Ed. Nathan Eck and Arieh L. Kubovy (1962, 432 pp.)
[] VOLUME VI, Ed. Nathan Eck and Arieh L. Kubovy (1966, 436 pp.)
[] VOLUME VII, Ed. Livia Rothkirchen (1968, 213 pp.)
[] VOLUME VIII, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1970, 212 pp.)
[] VOLUME IX, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1973, 355 pp.)
[] VOLUME X, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1974, 326 pp.)
[] VOLUME XI, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1976, 384 pp.)
[] VOLUME XII, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1977, 387 pp.)
[] VOLUME XIII, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1979, 424 pp.)
[] VOLUME XIV, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1981, 370 pp.)
[] VOLUME XV, Ed. L. Rothkirchen (1983, 417 pp.)
[] VOLUME XVI, Ed. Aharon Weiss (1986, 322 pp.)
[] VOLUME XVII, Ed. A. Weiss (1986, 320 pp.)
[] VOLUME XVIII, Ed. A. Weiss (1987, 431 pp.)
[] VOLUME XIX, Ed. A. Weiss (1988, 322 pp.)
[] VOLUME XX, Ed. A. Weiss (1990, 320 pp.)
[] CUMULATIVE INDEX (1991, 60 pp.) Vols. I-XX, 1957-1990


[] TO BEAR WITNESS (1990) An educational kit for teaching the Holocaust and observing Yom Hashoa. 20 posters size 70×50, including 39 selected photos with titles in Hebrew, English, Russian, French & Spanish

[] THE HOLOCAUST (1987, 75 pp.) Descriptive booklet of the Holocaust

[] TESTIMONY – Art of the Holocaust (1986, 74 pp.) (Catalogue of the Art Museum)

[] JEWISH CREATIVITY IN THE HOLOCAUST, eds. Y. Kermish and Y. Szeintuch, (1979, 35 pp.) Exhibition of Jewish creativity in the ghettos and camps under Nazi rule (1939-1945)


[] YAD VASHEM (1990, 42 pp.) A complete guide to Yad Vashem, its departments and activites including coloured photos of its major monuments and a map of the entire site. Ninth printing. Available also in German, French, Spanish and Russian.

[] GUIDE TO UNPUBLISHED MATERIALS OF THE HOLOCAUST PERIOD, Ed. Yehuda Bauer, co-editors: S. Kraowski, A. Weiss.
Vol. III 1975, 413 pp
Vol. IV 1977, 389 pp
Vol. V 1979, 436 pp
Vol. VI 1981, 259 pp

[] GUIDE TO THE MORESHET ARCHIVES IN GIV’AT HAVIVA, Ed. Schmuel Krakowski. (1981, 265 pp.) With forward and introduction, including key to the units of the Archives.

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