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  • Welcome to Education…A Legacy Forum, moderated by Stuart Nichols. This section is for teachers to exchange lesson plans, share new ideas, and help students learn. This month we feature 4 new books to its collection, including Anne Frank: The Biography, plus Official Secrets: What the Nazis Planned, What the British and Americans Knew, also The Soapmaker (a complete book online), and A Mother’s Shoah. Please read these new contributions. Plus Teaching the Holocaust: Grades 4-12, including a timeline; Auschwitz Revisited by Chuck Ferree; and “In Auschwitz wurde niemand vergast.”(“Nobody was gassed at Auschwitz.”: 60 Rightist Lies and How to Counter Them). Let Stuart know what should be included in this forum. Remember the Holocaust Links page and the Cybrary Bookstore featuring over 2000 titles available online.

    Don’t forget Courage Under Siege, a new book online about the Warsaw Ghetto, and for younger readers, 3 Books by Ina Friedman: The Other Victims, Escape or Die, and Flying Against the Wind.


  • Annotated Bibliography I: General and Specialized History
  • Annotated Holocaust Bibliography II
    || Biography || Fiction || Memoirs || Diaries || Poetry, Drama, and Art || Literary Criticism

  • The Truth About Anne Frank, a 12 class lesson plan by Daniel Barkowitz

  • New Jersey’s Anne Frank Exhibit

  • Seminars for Educators at Yad Vashem

  • Companies Affiliated With Concentration Camps submitted by Judy Cohen

  • MBA Proposal to Learn about the Holocaust
    Warren Thompson’s proposal for Holocaust education in business graduate programs.

  • My Family: Being German Didn’t Mean You Were Safe
    Read a story of one family’s ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia, by Lori Beckett.

  • You Should Read This…Women and the Holocaust Bibliography

  • What about Women in the Holocaust?

  • A Trip in the German Countryside, a story of visiting Dachau Camp as a child.

  • The Diary of Hannah Rosen: Europe’s Jews and America’s Response, 1937-1945
    written by a student from interviews conducted with important historical figures, and her family.

  • New! Jeanne Dingell shares her article: The Question of the Polish Forced Labourer during and in the Aftermath of World War II: The Example of the Warthegau Forced Labourers

  • Triangles and Tribulations: The Politics of Nazi Symbols
    “This article explores the politics of “reclamation.” Its focus is on pink and black triangles, currently used as symbols for gay and lesbian pride and liberation. Previously, these same identifiers were worn by those destined for annihilation during the Holocaust. I suggest that, in [re]claiming these markers, activists, however well intentioned, run a path dangerously close to historical denial.”

  • Art As Evidence: The Nazi’s Cultural War by Elana Verbin, exploring the recent auction of art works seized by the Nazis.

  • The CD-ROM “Lest We Forget”, with video clips and extensive information for teachers.

  • Online Study Guide for the Survivors of Shoah series, including a timeline.

  • A Dangerous Experiment
    Read about an experiment in 1967 to teach students how it was like back in Nazi Germany and the consequences.

  • Jewish Labor and the Holocaust

    Historical Perspectives and Study

  • New Jersey’s Education and Kristallnacht Commemoration Efforts

  • Making Belzec a Memorial
    Alan Elsner, a Reuters correspondent writing in a private capacity, shares his thoughts of the need to create a Belzec concentration camp memorial.

  • The Munich Jews Memorial Book Project needs your help.

  • A Chance Dialogue with a Contemporary Nazi and The Vienna Encounter by Dr.C. Samson Munn.

  • Medical Experiments by Ronald Bennett

  • tell him that I…Women Writing the Holocaust, a thesis by Catherine Bernard.

  • Survivor Alexander Kimel’s poem IN MEMORY – A HOLOCAUST PRAYER

  • Judy Cohen shares a poem, Fifty Years Later: Reflections on Teaching The Holocaust to Young People.

  • Genericide
    A play exploring history, memory, a survivor, and the ways we look at ourselves. Written, produced, and directed by the WebMaster of this site.

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