Genericide Questionnaire

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A Cultural Approach to the Holocaust

We need your help.

Genericide is part of a project called A Cultural Approach to the Holocaust, a CD-ROM virtual museum of information and interaction. We need to know what you think. No names are needed, only answers. Thanks for your assistance and enjoy Genericide!

1. Briefly describe your experience, if any, with learning about the Holocaust and the challenges you have (or have not) faced.

2. List and briefly compare two ways (such as books, films, lectures, etc.) that you have learned about the Holocaust and how effective these were.

3. What do you think would be the best way to teach about the Holocaust?

Gender: Male ________ Female_______

Age: 1-10 ____ 11-18____ 19-25___ 26-40____ 40-60____ 60 + ___

If you don’t get a chance to complete the questionnaire, could you please mail it to:

The Write Thing
5973 Crestview Drive
Paradise, CA. 95969

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