Adolf Eichmann

The Eichmann Trial Proceedings

ABC News/Great Productions and PBS present The Trial of Adolf Eichmann. Included are trial documents, bios, photos, resources, and a study guide to accompany the televisionprogram.

Who’s Who at the Eichmann Trial

 Judges || Prosecution || Defense ]Under Israeli law, three Judges would preside over the Eichmann case. The Judges Presiding Judge Moshe Landau - 49 at trial of Eichmann - Supreme Court Justice appointed President of...

Eichmann Timeline

Eichmann TimelineMarch 19, 1906 – Adolf Eichmann is born in Solingen, Germany. His family moves to Linz, Austria during W.W.I.May 31, 1962 – Eichmann is hanged.The Trial of Adolf Eichmann Home | Classroom | “In His Own Words” | Resources | Documentary Info | The Trial 

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