Abe's Story

Abe's Story is the story of Abram Korn and his survival through the Holocaust, including Auschwitz.

Holoaust Memoir of Abram Korn | Abe's Story

Abe’s Story – A Holocaust Memoir | Abram Korn from Lipno, Poland

Read ABE'S STORY and be prepared to change your life. My Father | Excerpts from Abe's Story | Editor's Biography Logo derived from drawing by William Fahnoe, who also did...
Abe's Story Yahrzeit

Abe’s Story Yahrzeit and Anniversary – on Abram Korn’s Yahrzeit, our thanks….

Today is the day of the Abe's Story Yahrzeit, and on this day I'll share a story of friendship and hope developed over 23...

Editor’s Biography: Joseph Korn

"-//W30//DTD W3 HTML 2.0//EN">Editor's Biography: Joseph KornReturn to Abe's Story Meet the Editor: Joseph KornJoseph and his wife, Jill, live...

My Father in his hometown

My Father in his hometown Return to Abe's Story Abe Korn before the war in Lipno, Poland

Abe’s Story: My Father, by Joey Korn

 My Father by Joey Korn Introduction My Father My Role Visits to the Camps* Can It Happen Again? Introduction I was only 19 when I learned that my...