Completed Search : for the legal heirs Irene CARST

We have learned that Dr Irene CARST was murdered by the Nazi Regime. She died officially on 25 March 1942 - but the transport documents give a later date!

We would like to find out whether she had any family members, and whether any of them has miraculously survived World War 2.

Irene CARST lived in Glindow, not far from Amt Werder and Berlin, Germany up to 1939.

As far as we know she was active in the German Film Industry, though we do not know in what capacity.

We have failed to find any mention of the family in the Terezin memorial books, or any other Concentration Camp lists.

A 1931 telephone book gave her address: Landschulheim, Bollerstrasse, GLINDOW.

The Berlin Memorial Book to Jewish victims lists her:

Carst, Irene geb. am 26 May 1894* in Berlin; Schoeneberg, Passauer Str. 2; 12/13. Transport vom 02.04.42, Trawniki; Todesort: Trawniki, verschollen. (That is "vanished without a trace" in Trawniki - presumed dead)

We cannot find anything about her parents, grandparents - or possible siblings and cousins.

The above was the stand in February, 2002. On 25 Feb 2004 we were at last able to conbtinue:

We have learned that a graduation work (it may be a Doctorate Dissertation) of Dr CARST exists at the Humbold University. Dr. Carst, who was born on 26 May 1894 in Berlin, apparently later worked as a "Diätassistentin" - ie an assistant position as a Dietician. It is therefore likely that she was working in the field of Foods and diet.

We have found a set o documents in which Irene is mentioned, and which deal with the probate of Martha CARST nee PRINGSHEIM Irene's mother.

From those documents The Oberfinannzpraesident Berlin listed in file number A Rep. 092 Nr. 5539 in 1942 the following :

A Lawyer and Notary, Dr Gustav SCHWARTZ reported on 8 May 1942 the assets of unknown heirs of the deceased widow Martha CARST, born PRINGSHEIM , Jewess who had last lived in Berlin, Steglitz, Gruenewaldstr. 28, who died on 25 April 1935.

The Executor of her estate was Ernst MUEHSAM, who is reported to have been “evacuated to Poland”. His previous address was in Berlin, Woyrschstr. 12

The heirs are given as:

1. The daughter Dr. Irene Sara CARST – at the time c/o the Jewish Hospital Berlin N, Iranischerstr.
2. Frau Elisabeth von KOSS nee CARST in Berlin W35, Woyrschstr. 12

The Estate consisted of
1. An account at the Deutsche Bank 150,87 RK
2. Savings account II at the Deutsche Bank 12,02 RM
3. Konkursmasse der Gemeinnuetzigen Baugesellschaft Gr. Berlin eGmbH 3.237,19 RM

Notary Dr Gustav SCHWARTZ follows up in a letter dated 1 Jun 1942 with the list of additional heirs of Matha CARST:

the Underage children of Elisabeth von KOSS nee CARST:

1. Ursula von KOSS

2. Henning von KOSS
Both living with their mother at Berlin W35, Woyrschstr. 12

3. Herr Guenther CARST, Vipperow, Mecklenburg

4. Frau Agathe HINRICHSEN nee CARST, Rolandia, Postfach 121, Brasil

5. Frau Margot RANKE nee CARST “also there”, Estancia Marta, Brasil

We are now keen to trace all these people.

Can you guide us in any way?

Do you know anyone else researching the genealogy of these family who may have more information?

If you have no information, do you know of anyone else, anywhere, where we can ask?
please e-mail me at searchandunite [at] lewinsdlondon [dot] org [dot] uk

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