Voices of the Shoah, Remembrances of the Holocaust, a few PHOTOS

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Voices of the Shoah, Documentary by David Notowitz
Voices of the Shoah

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After most of Shlomo’s family was killed, he was able to escape to the forests of Poland and fight as a partisan. This picture was taken when he was a partisan.
Shlomo Berger with his family in front of his father’s tailor shop in 1935. The brothers worked there together.
In 1937 Sig Halbreich and his friends secretly met in the forest to discuss moving to Israel and finding a free Jewish life. By the end of WWII he had survived six concentration camps.
Dana Schwartz (on the right) was hidden for the duration of the war on a farm… This picture was taken in 1943.
So many were not hidden and did not survive…
Most of those who survived either went to Palestine,
or the United States.
They somehow survived.
And still find a place to smile…
What is their story? What can we learn from them?
Can we go about our daily lives without asking these questions?
Narrated by noted American actor Elliott Gould (M*A*S*H, American X, TV’s Friends), Voices includes interviews with survivors of the Holocaust, stories from American soldiers who liberated the camps, and the stories of Jews who escaped or were hidden in Europe during WWII.
“The day after liberation, as they took this picture [below],
they told me to smile…but I forgot how.
Until recently I was too embarrased to show this to anyone.”
–Dana Schwartz
Dana Schwartz, summer of 1939, during a family vacation weeks before WWII began.
Dana Schwartz on the day after her liberation.
Dana Schwartz today
How have these people
learned to smile again?

Voices of the Shoah: An audio documentary produced and directed by David Notowitz

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