Letter from David Notowitz, a producer of Carpati

An Open Letter from producer David Notowitz:


OK, now let me tell you about the film.

Carpati, a feature documentary film, is narrated by Leonard Nimoy. Carparti had its world theatrical premiere in Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater in New York. It is directed and co-produced by my friend and partner on this project, Yale Strom. The film got great reviews and I can say I am proud of our work. After the inital two week period, Carpati continued to open in two other theaters in Manhattan… We had three theaters playing Carpati at the same time!

Return to this website for continuously updated information on the film’s schedule around the country, and feel free to email me any questions you want or to check out the Notowitz Productions website.

This is a project that took me to Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains twice, once during the fall of 1994 during Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and again during the spring of 1995 during Passover. I spent a total of six weeks in Ukraine, and together with Yale shot over 50 hours of footage to weave into the 80 minute film that would become Carpati.

So rent it in your local video store, or buy it by visiting our ONLINE ORDERING PAGE.

Tell your friends across town and across the country to go and see it! Word of mouth is always stronger than any advertisement we could possibly do!

Thanks and be well.

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