Listen to Mr. Leonard Nimoy narrate part of Carpati

Leonard Nimoy narrates our film, Carpati.

By now you realize it… Yes, Leonard Nimoy was Spock on Star Trek.

But his life is full of many other amazing successes and interests. For example, he produces plays and television programs, directs films, is an accomplished actor both in radio and on television, and he writes books. You can get more info on our shoot with him.

Anyway, you get the idea. He is a very kind and giving person, and Yale and I loved working with him.

    Here are two samples of Leonard Nimoy’s narration for Carpati (in RealAudio)

  • Humorous opening (35 seconds)
    Opening (56K RealAudio)

  • Most of the film follows the life of Zev Godinger, Jewish ice cream man of the Carpathian Mountains. This is the only time we are told about general Jewish life in the Carpathain Mountains, Carpati, Ukraine (1 minute)
    Interesting History (56K RealAudio)

Do you want to hear samples from the astounding Klezmer and Rom (Gypsy) soundtrack?
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