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Carpati overflows with camaraderie and intoxicating music.”
–LA Times

Below is a beautiful taste from the soundtrack of Carpati!

(Then, once you’ve tasted it, you’ll want the whole meal…
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Gathered from the far reaches of Eastern Europe, the songs below have been produced by Yale Strom and Michael Schlesinger, transcribed by Geoff Pekarek and recorded in San Diego, California. Painstaking effort was put into authenticity. Some tunes are Rom (Gypsy) in origin, some are Yiddish folk melodies, and some are original, authored by Yale Strom for the film. Again, to hear these samples you need a RealNetworks player.

Download and enjoy these appetizers! I hope they wet your appetite for more!
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The doina is a free-meter Romanian folk-instrumental genre often associated with shepherds and pastoral culture. Rom and Jews both play doinas to communicate the serene, peaceful beauty of the mountains and forests of the Carpathian region. (This and all comments below are taken from the CD insert.)
Doina Carpati (56K RealAudio)

Hava Nagila means “Come Rejoice,” and this world famous Jewish folk song is the quintessential Jewish melody among Rom musicians throughout all of Eastern Europe. However, this arrangement is particular to Transylvania, Mamures, and Carpathian Ukraine.
Hava Nagila (56K RealAudio)

This fast 4/4 Rom dance was originally played by the Romungro tribe in eastern Hungary near Szaboks.
Selymes Fodros “Flying Skirt” (56K RealAudio)

This piece, written by the director, Yale Strom, in a slow 6/8, is the main theme of the film Carpati. It draws from both Klezmer and Rom melodic styles, and is named after the Tisza river which runs between Hungary and Ukraine. We were there!
Tisza–Carpati’s theme (56K RealAudio)

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