Carpati: 50 Miles, 50 Years | Holocaust Film Narrated by Leonard Nimoy

Carpati movie posterFrom the makers of The Last Klezmer and Voices of the Shoah

Comes this powerful and beautiful film about a Jewish ice cream man
living today in a small town in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine…

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(There are many versions of the spelling of the area we call Carpati. Here are a few variations: carpathya, carpatia, carpatian, carpatica, carpatien mountains, carpatimel, carpatind, carpato, carpatski, carpatti, and carpaty.)



NARRATED by Leonard Nimoy!

SAMPLE the SOUNDTRACK beautiful Klezmer & Gypsy
(here’s a happy buyer.)

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Ice Cream Man of the Carpathian Mountains


Carpati overflows with camaraderie and intoxicating music.”

–LA Times

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REVIEWS Carpati is “irresistible”:
NY Times, LA Times, NY Post, the Variety, and more!

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The image to the left is a map of the Carpathian (Carpati) Mountains region. If you look really close you can see us making the film… OK, not really…

Want to see Carpati region (map on the left) in HIGH RESOLUTION?

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