Birkenau Concentration Camp Photos and Map

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Each one of the red rectangles is a hot spot – clicking on it will take you to a Birkenau concentration camp photos of that location and a brief description of the site.

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1The Hole in the WorldRail entrance to Auschwitz/Birkenau.
2Inside OutPersonnel and truck entrance
3The RampThe unloading Ramp at Auschwitz/Birkenau.
4DoppelgängerRail Switch on the Ramp
5Guard Tower on the Ramp
6The End of the LineOverview of Ramp at
7Now & ThenPhoto and art: Gate and women marching to work
8Barrack, BIb, #1Inside women’s barracks
9Barrack, BIb, #2Inside women’s barracks
10Krematorium II, #12 photos: inside & outside Krematorium II Auschwitz/Birkenau:
11Krematorium II, #2Track near oven
12Krematorium II: GasGas chamber roof
13Krematorium III, #1Roof of Krematorium III Auschwitz/Birkenau
14Krematorium III, #2In the basement of Krematorium III
15Krematorium III, #3Chute for corpses Krematorium III
16Prisoner Reception: The SaunaPlace of Processing Auschwitz/Birkenau
17Disinfection in the SaunaPlace of Processing
18Krematorium IV, #1Device for thrusting bodies into the oven
19Krematorium IV, #2Ash disposal pit
20Krematorium IV, #3Remains of gas chamber
21Krematorium V, #1Floor of gas chamber Auschwitz/Birkenau
22Krematorium V, #2Pile of bricks from oven
23Krematorium V, #3Length of building
24The PondPond used to dispose of ashes
25The Little Wood, #1Place in the trees where people awaited gassing
26The Little Wood, #2Place in the trees where people awaited gassing #2
27Waiting for a Shower2 photos: SS Photo of people waiting for gas & a contemporary photo.
28The GateEntrance Road and Gate to Little Wood and Krem. IV and V
29DrainageDrainage ditch near gate to Little Wood.
30On the FenceFence post at rear of BIIf
31BirkenauLamp on Fence , Auschwitz/Birkenau
32The Mexico FenceFence posts between BII and BIII
33Men’s Barrack in BIIa, QuarantineTwo Photos of Men’s Barrack, Auschwitz/Birkenau
34ToiletsLatrine in men’s camp
35BIIa-BirkenauThe entire outside fence line of BIIa