Abe's Story

The Death March, Late January-March 1945

7. Death March

In January 1945, the Russian front is nearing and all the Auschwitz prisoners are called to assembly. They are told they will be evacuating the camps and, on January 18, many thousands of prisoners are marched out of Auschwitz.

Only those too sick to march are left behind. Abe is on a Death March with about 2000 prisoners. They march in the bitterly cold Polish winter with very little to eat , to drink, or to keep them warm.

They march about 180 miles in 45 days, sleeping in open fields, barns, warehouses--anywhere they can along the way.

They finally arrive at Camp Hirschberg, near the Czechoslovakian border.

They are tortured here again, forced to entertain the demented Nazis by marching around naked in the snow while singing German marching songs.

After a few days, they continue their march.

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