The 2nd-Gen Mailing List

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If you are a child or grandchild of a Holocaust survivor(s) who is interested in communicating online with others like yourself, this page is for you. 

There are now two online mailing lists (discussion forums) that I am aware of that are expressly for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.  A “mailing list” is an online forum in which you communicate with others through email.  When you send a message to the list, it gets sent to everyone on the list. You, in turn, receive all messages that everyone else sends to the list, creating an email dialogue. 

I am currently aware of two such mailing lists for children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors:

The 2g-Legacy Mailing List

The 2nd-Gen Mailing List

Read about both mailing lists. You might decide to subscribe to both or just to one.

The 2g-Legacy Mailing List

This is a relatively new mailing list, founded in December ’98.  The following information was sent to me by the list owner/founder, Reyzl Kalifowicz-Waletzky.  

It is for children and grandchildren of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, dedicated to the discussion of, and hopefully action on, social, political, and historical issues related to the Holocaust. Rather than a list for the exploration of psychological and parental relationship issues, this is a list for those who want to focus on understanding and furthering the legacy of the Holocaust.  The goals of the list are: (1) greater awareness among, and education of, second and third generation children of Holocaust survivors so that we may learn to (2) implement effective memory, action, and justice for Holocaust victims, and the perpetuation and revival of the Jewish (particularly Yiddish) culture that the Nazis tried to destory.  This list is a place for informed discussion on all issues important to 2G’s, especially political, historical, and financial Holocaust issues.

The 2G-Legacy mailing list is, at this time, and unmoderated, access-limited discussion list, limited to children and grandchildren of Jewish Holocaust survivors.  Subscription requests are not automatic for this list and require the approval of the list-owner. 

Although it, of course, takes time for people to feel comfortable in expressing themselves freely, extended lurking (reading and not participating) on this list will be discouraged and may, after some time, even result in becoming unsubscribed.   Although members will seek a warm, supportive environment, this list is not, in essence, a support or online therapy group.  There is a strong need for 2Gs, and perhaps many 3Gs, to process the larger Holocaust issues beyond parental problems.   One important question now is, “What do we now do with what we have witnessed and learned from our parents and history?”

If you are interested in subscribing to this list, click here.


The 2nd-Gen Mailing List


The 2nd-gen mailing list was established in 1995 to provide a forum and mutual support opportunity for adult children and grandchildren of survivors of the Holocaust.

It warmly welcomes those who have interest in the topics relevant to this group of persons from around the world.

Paul Foldes
List Founder/Owner

      Below are instructions (which you should save in your e-mail directory) how to subscribe – and unsubscribe to / from this internet maillist.

      TO SUBSCRIBE to the maillist, send an email addressed to:

      NOTE: this address is to be used only when subscribing or unsubscribing

      in the first line of the message area type:
      subscribe 2ND-GEN yourfirstname yourlastname

      (for example golda meir would have written: sub 2nd-gen golda meir)

      TO UNSUBSCRIBE: send email to and on first line on message type: unsubscribe 2ND-GEN firstname lastname

      Once you have received an e-mail from the listproc software notifying you that you have been subscribed to the maillist, you can will begin automatically getting copies of all messages sent by any member of the list, to all the list members.


      send an email addressed to:

      Write short subject of message into ‘subject area’ to let list members know what your message is about, and message in the message window / area of software you are using. That’s all there is to it.

      Please don’t hesitate to ask a question of the list, if you don’t understand something. We were all beginners once too.