Holocaust survivor: Alfredo F. Vorshirm

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Holocaust survivor: Alfredo F. Vorshirm

Dear Friend,

It is the interest of this 74 y/o Holocaust survivor to have hismessage distributed and view as widely as possible, for the purposementioned in the body of this e-mail. Please can you help, I would verymuch appreciate it.


Author of “From Swastikas to Palm Trees” (1991) and”De la Esvastica a la Palmita” (1993)

Columnist of several daily newspapers/Lecturer at various universities.

I would be happy to contact people with like or similar experiences inlife.

Thank you,
Alfredo F. Vorshirm

A brief description:

  • Holocaust survivor

  • Allied confinement in concentration camps at Argeles and St. Cyprien at the foot of the Pyrenees

  • Pamphleteering in Belgium

  • Escapee from Gestapo grips after 9months in political wing of Begynestraat jail

  • Crossing into Spain-reversingcourse back to France…Fake papers as Alfred Viroux

  • Crisscrossing France, trying to reach North Africa by boat

  • Crossing into Switzerland: Gyrenbad and Adliswill camps

  • Forced residence in Baden (Aargau)

  • Leaving neutral Switzerland to join “partigiani” in Northern Italy

  • Fought, wounded, hospitalized in Domodossola/Debacle! Red Cross train back to Switzerland

  • Escape from Swiss military hospital in Belp

  • Crossing Switzerland back to France

  • 504th Parachute Inf. Regmt. of 82nd Airborne Div.

  • Battle of the Bulge

  • Setting foot on nazi German soil

  • On to Berlin 1945

  • Stowaway on Pomona Victory to USA/Ellis Island”Voluntary Departure”

  • Discovering the Dominican Republic

  • Trujillo: Arms and Munitions industry

  • Senior Army Officer

  • Secretary General Atomic Energy Research Commission

  • Atoms for Peace Conference-Geneva

  • Delegate to Conference UNO-N.Y.

  • Consul General in AntwerpHead Diplomatic Mission-Brussels

  • Delegate to IAEA-Vienna

  • Visit to Brookhaven Institute

  • Director Samsonite Corp.-Europe

  • Ambassador for Foreign Trade

  • Private sector: Development Finance Corp.,Establishing and managing papermill, warehousing

  • President Koor-Caribe

  • Non profit organizations:Dominican Development Foundation, Progressio Foundation:environmental-reforestation activities

  • Advisor to CCC Trading Co.

  • Advisor to National Orderer of the Lome IV Convention

  • Collaborating member at theUniversity Center for Political and Social Sciences

  • Advisor for International Relations Banco Gerencial & Fiduciario

  • Congressional Advisor for Foreign Policy

  • Ambassador-At-Large

  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian

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