Holocaust survivor: Alfredo F. Vorshirm

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Holocaust survivor: Alfredo F. Vorshirm

Alfredo Vorshirm
Alfredo F. Vorshirm was Ambassador, Director of the Office for Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and held several other posts. He was fluent in Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, and Italian. He was a newspaper columnist and lecturer. He was also the author of From Swastikas to Palm Trees (1991) and De la Esvastica a la Palmita (1993). Alfredo Vorshirm died in 2001.


Dear Friend,

It is the interest of this 74 y/o Holocaust survivor to have his message distributed and view as widely as possible, for the purpose mentioned in the body of this e-mail. Please can you help, I would very much appreciate it.


Author of “From Swastikas to Palm Trees” (1991) and “De la Esvastica a la Palmita” (1993)

Columnist of several daily newspapers/Lecturer at various universities.

I would be happy to contact people with like or similar experiences in life.

Thank you,
Alfredo F. Vorshirm

From Hitler to Trujillo by Alfredo F. Vorshirm
From Hitler to Trujillo by Alfredo F. Vorshirm is a memoir by a Holocaust survivor.


A brief description:

  • Holocaust survivor
  • Allied confinement in concentration camps at Argeles and St. Cyprien at the foot of the Pyrenees
  • Pamphleteering in Belgium
  • Escapee from Gestapo grips after 9months in political wing of Begynestraat jail
  • Crossing into Spain-reversingcourse back to France…Fake papers as Alfred Viroux
  • Crisscrossing France, trying to reach North Africa by boat
  • Crossing into Switzerland: Gyrenbad and Adliswill camps
  • Forced residence in Baden (Aargau)
  • Leaving neutral Switzerland to join “partigiani” in Northern Italy
  • Fought, wounded, hospitalized in Domodossola/Debacle! Red Cross train back to Switzerland
  • Escape from Swiss military hospital in Belp
  • Crossing Switzerland back to France
  • 504th Parachute Inf. Regmt. of 82nd Airborne Div.
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Setting foot on nazi German soil
  • On to Berlin 1945
  • Stowaway on Pomona Victory to USA/Ellis Island”Voluntary Departure”
  • Discovering the Dominican Republic
  • Trujillo: Arms and Munitions industry
  • Senior Army Officer
  • Secretary General Atomic Energy Research Commission
  • Atoms for Peace Conference-Geneva
  • Delegate to Conference UNO-N.Y.
  • Consul General in Antwerp Head Diplomatic Mission-Brussels
  • Delegate to IAEA-Vienna
  • Visit to Brookhaven Institute
  • Director Samsonite Corp.-Europe
  • Ambassador for Foreign Trade
  • Private sector: Development Finance Corp.,Establishing and managing papermill, warehousing
  • President Koor-Caribe
  • Non profit organizations:Dominican Development Foundation, Progressio Foundation:environmental-reforestation activities
  • Advisor to CCC Trading Co.
  • Advisor to National Orderer of the Lome IV Convention
  • Collaborating member at the University Center for Political and Social Sciences
  • Advisor for International Relations Banco Gerencial & Fiduciario
  • Congressional Advisor for Foreign Policy
  • Ambassador-At-Large
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian
  • Alfredo Vorshirm died in 2001.

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