Translate Babi Yar and Union-Blatter der Emigration Holocaust historical documents

Babi Yar - Union-Blatter der Emigration

If you’d like to help or can assist with this project, please contact

The following is from David Lewin, who runs Search and Unite at ; this request is for donations of time and services where possible, as there are no funds for this request.

“I  have a couple of projects into which I have poured many hours over the years and which I would love to bring to be available to the world.

1. Babi Yar documents – Russian translation help needed.

Babi Yar was the infamous killing valley in World War 2 where so many died undocumented   I would like to get that book onto the web in Cyrillic and in English.  I do not know of a better list of names and history of the killings at Babi Yar.Babi Yar Holocaust history documentIn January 2003 Ilya M Levitas gave me permission to bring his oral history book on the killings at Babi Yar to the Internet.   I did a lot of work on this, scanning, having translations  but in the end never succeeded in publishing anything mainly because I could not get good quality photographs and because I cannot understand a word in Russian or your language.
That material is still in a corner of my computer and I am still of the opinion that it is important to make it available.

I have the material at

2. Union-Blatter der Emigration – German Translation

I do not know whether you are aware of the publication AUFBAU which was the organ of the German Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany and was published in the USA and England.  It has been digitized and is available at aufbau

By chance I stumbled a couple of years ago on a similar publication named  Union-Blatter der Emigration which was published in South Africa It has a lot of similarities to Aufbau and is, in my opinion, of equal importance to Aufbau.   I did a lot of research on copyright and found that its publisher died intestate and a bachelor, and virtually no one remembers that it ever existed.

Union-Blatter der Emigration
The first company extracted images for me in a terrible format (most images are in fact one-and-a half image) .  The would/could not do a re-run.  I therefore had a commercial company cut the unnecessary duplication of each image and the result of that is a complete .jpg collection of the publications, some pages are too light, others too dark for a decent OCR job.

I then got a library in Dortmund to OK an International Library Loan of the microfilm of the publication and am stuck at this point because

a. I have not yet found a UK Library willing to order the film and
b. even if I did, I do not have access to a microfilm reader which can produce an electronic image rather than a printed page of that image

I have that work at

Again – the same question:   Can this be a project?”

If you’d like to help or can assist with this project, please contact

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