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A Cultural Approach to the Holocaust

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Genericide is part of a project called A Cultural Approach to the Holocaust, a CD-ROM virtual museum of information and interaction. We need to …

Holocaust Remembrance WebChat: Dr. Konnilyn Feig

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Holocaust Remembrance WebChat
April 16, 1996
Dr. Konnilyn Feig

As with many WebChats, the typos are ours. This was, to me, the most powerful part of …

Genocide Web Sites: The Threat Continues…

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The Threat Continues…
Genocide Web Sites

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The Cambodian Genocide Program

Between 1975 and 1979, some 1.5 to 2 millionCambodians died unnatural deaths, fromstarvation, overwork, torture and execution.The

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wannsee Conference

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Excerpts from the Wannsee Conference Protocols:
January 20, 1942

(Several messages.)

Responsiblity for the handling of the final solution of the Jewish question, he [Heydrich] said, would lie centrally with the Reichsfuehrer SS …

The aftermath

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  • Read Pearls and Lace: Poetry by Magdalena Klein (1920-1946), the youngest child of a middle-class Jewishfamily in northwestern Romania. She was an eyewitness to the rise of fascism inEurope and the horrors of World War II.


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In a report entitled “Resettlement of Jews,” SS-Sturmbannführer Gricksch provided the following information for SS-Col. von Herff and Reichsführer-SS Himmler, after inspection between the 14th. and 16th. of May, 1943. (Fleming, 142)…

“Special Treatment”

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“Special Treatment”

In January of 1943, Dr. Richard Korherr, a noted statistician who was outside SS circles, working with Adolf Eichmann and camp commanders, began compiling reports and figures to present to Himmler. …


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Buszko, writing in the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, explains why some prisoners were tattooed, while others were not:

Prisoners were registered and received numbers tattooed on their left arm upon leaving the …