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Nazi Letters on Execution of Jews

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Nazi Letters on Execution of Jews

Letter: Execution of Jews

Reichskommissar for Ostland
IIa 4
To: Reich Minister for the Occupied Eastern Territories
RE: Execution of Jews

. . …

Liberators’ Testimonies

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Online Resources Described

WIRED 2.05

Net Surf

Forever Remembered

Historically minded gopher surfers should investigate this rich, poignant wave. The Jerusalem One server houses more than 20 Mbytes of text and gif files …

Introduction to the Cybrary Project: Origins 1993-1996



The Cybrary of the Holocaust is part of a 20 year+ project to create educational materials, starting in 1994 and ending in 1996, while continuing online since then.

The design team of Michael Dunn, Stefan Maier, and Dorotea Maier …

I Think

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I Think

I Think is dedicated tothe incredible feedback the Cybrary receives each month. More extensive listingsare available in The Empty Mirror, but these will give an idea of …

A Message Still Fresh

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Click here to listen to audio of Jan Karski

sharing his experiences.

A Message Still Fresh

Why we had to tell Karski’s story.

Excerpt: The Price of Freedom

The dramatic tale of

What is Fascism?

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What is Fascism?

From: NLG Civil Liberties Committee

Sept. 27, 1992 by Chip Berlet

This article is adapted from the author’s preface to Russ Bellant’s book “Old Nazis, the …

After the Holocaust photo by Myatt Lipscomb

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AFTER THE HOLOCAUST Taken in Monmouth County, New Jersey 1991.

Copyright 1991 Myatt Lipscomb, All Rights Reserved. …

The Music of the Holocaust

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excerpted from

Voices of a People:

The Story of Yiddish Folksong by Ruth Rubin

(Jewish Publication Society, 1979, Philadelphia)


Reprinted with permission of the author

The Yiddish folk songs of World War II were created out …

Pennsylvania and Antidiscrimination

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Pennsylvania and Antidiscrimination


Jews and African-Americans came to Pennsylvania in the 1600s, Jews as immigrants and African-Americans as slaves. There is a long history of discrimination against African-Americans, …