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Jan Zwartendijk–A Righteous Gentile

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Lately, many righteous gentiles have been honored by the Jewish community forsaving the lives of Jews before and during the Holocaust. Included among themwas the Japanese consul in Kaunas in …


After the Holocaust, photo by Myatt Lipscomb


After the Holocaust

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Imprisoned and tattooed at Buchenwald death camp. Photo taken at a state mental home in Monmouth County, New Jersey 1991.


TAMARA A survivor.

Holocaust Remembrance WebChat: Gary Mokotoff, Tracing our Relatives

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Holocaust Remembrance WebChat
April 16, 1996
Gary Mokotoff

As with many WebChats, the typos are ours. The chat continues while Gary Mokotoff triesto get through …

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A Holocaust Survivor’s Prayer

A Holocaust Survivor’s Prayer

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Malka B

My Twin Sisters painting by Malka B.
My parents were originally from a small town near the larger city of Lodz, in Poland. They came to live in Paris right after their marriage in 1930, and I

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Adolph Hitler on his Plans to Exterminate the Jews

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Adolph Hitler on his Plans
to Exterminate the Jews

“[In the event of war] the result will not be the bolshevisation of the earth, and thus the victory for Jewry, but

A “Page of Glory”

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A “Page of Glory”

Did the Nazi government have a deliberate plan to exterminate Jews? The folks using Dan Gannon’s hate machine tell us “No!”, but perhaps SS Reichsfuehrer Heinrich Himmler, …