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Cybrary Learning Lab for October 1995

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Viewpoint — Should the Cybrary Survive?

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Welcome to our Viewpoint Page.

Last Month’s viewpoint is now at http://remember.org/educate/professor.html.

Should the Cybrary Survive?

by Michael Declan Dunn.

    Creating the Holocaust Channel for the Internet


Wannsee Protocol, January 20, 1942

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Wannsee Protocol

January 20, 1942; Translation

This English text of the original German-language Wannsee protocol is based on the official U.S. government translation prepared for evidence in trials at Nuremberg, as reproduced in…

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Remember the Forgotten Victims

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Seminars for Educators at Yad Vashem, Israel


From: Kathryn Berman, Yad Vashem, Education Dept.

We would be very pleased if you could inform the educators who visit your site of our seminars. We hold two a year, one in Summer and one in Winter – each

Yad Vashem Conference Schedule

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15:00-17:00 Tour of Yad Vashem

17:00-17:30 Light

“Tamara” photo by Myatt Lipscomb

“Tamara” photo by Myatt Lipscomb

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TAMARA A survivor

Copyright 1997 Myatt Lipscomb, All Rights Reserved.…

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